53 thoughts on “13 free social bookmark icons for your blogs”

  1. CoolSearchInfo is a free Social Bookmarking Sharing Site made for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet by submitting new links and stories and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories.

  2. Hi Edward, just wanted to say thank you for these awesome Icons . I am hosting them on my site w/ a linkback to you of course :) I had seen them a while back and fell in love w/ them , but I lost the link to the site that was offering them . SO I was happy to stumble upon them today while surfing. Thanks again . Wishing you a great month ahead & much continued future success within your life’s undertakings.

  3. A, 13 is my lucky number :) (13 letters in my last name too ! :) when you do create a new set please let me know – I will display them on my site as well . I am sure they will be as stunning ( if not moreso ) than these . Can’t wait to see them ! :)

    Take care , have a productive month ahead.