LOST Zone – 28 feb 1999

1. Pillage_idiot [ind][asia][na][black] 2. sil6 [ind][asia][red] [Reported loss] 3. zalman [afr][purple] 4. edelwater [sa][afr][na][blue]

This was quite an interesting game. I captures SA. Pillage captured Ind. Sil6 just stacked armies in NA all in one country. Zalman tried 2 go for africa. I and Zalman fought in africa. Pillage captured Asia almost. Also put 20 in top of SA to protect . Suddenly Sil6 moved with 40 armies or so out of NA, through asia and killed Zalman totally in Africa. Leaving a trail of 1’s. I captured NA almost and africa. Pillage almost conquered Asia and Sil6 had Europe filled with 1s and once again in the middle one big pile. I couldnt attack Europe because pillage was so strong. So i tried to attack Asia from NA. Sil6 again came in action and went out of europe to conquer indonesia totally with 40. Pillage now went into NA fighting me!. Sil6 collected armies in the meanwhile and then went into NA from indonesia to kill Pillage. Now we 2 were left. I went for africa and europe. Sil attacked SA. the next turn took one country in europe. i took SA back. sil now conquered Asia+africa. tried once more to attack lost ALL against 1. Sil won. nice game: other people fighting over the power can make the one in the middle very strong.