FROOZE Zone – 27 march 1999 (70)

1. floaters [reported loss] black europe
2. VAGAZ_1 blue africa
3. rob_126 red ind asia
4. edelwater sa na

I got sa+na, rob indonesia and sometimes asia, vagaz africa and floaterz europe. floaterz build and build and i did nothing elke than trying to stop him. vagaz didnt attack him from africa although he had only 1 and 6 in the south of europe. after a couple of tries from na->europe (and now a wall of 47!!). i tried to go via africa. succeeded. but now weak and killed. still noone attacked him in europe. But…by then somehow the game became very very slow each move was about 1/2 minute after one hour or something in this ratio suddenly floaterz couldnt see the armies straight anymore: 5 instead of 10 etc… weird things. i saw a burning flag that stalled while he was attacking another territory. Game was quit, reported 2 floaterz.