FROOZE Zone – 27 march 1999 (70)

1. floaters [reported loss] black europe
2. VAGAZ_1 blue africa
3. rob_126 red ind asia
4. edelwater sa na

I got sa+na, rob indonesia and sometimes asia, vagaz africa and floaterz europe. floaterz build and build and i did nothing elke than trying to stop him. vagaz didnt attack him from africa although he had only 1 and 6 in the south of europe. after a couple of tries from na->europe (and now a wall of 47!!). i tried to go via africa. succeeded. but now weak and killed. still noone attacked him in europe. But…by then somehow the game became very very slow each move was about 1/2 minute after one hour or something in this ratio suddenly floaterz couldnt see the armies straight anymore: 5 instead of 10 etc… weird things. i saw a burning flag that stalled while he was attacking another territory. Game was quit, reported 2 floaterz.

LOST Zone – 27 march 1999 (65)


1. edelwater 67
2. janvanoranje 51
3. vlek1 [reported loss] 50

hahaha cool game. We are all 3 dutch (jan lives in america now) so it was quite funny to chat in dutch … etc… well jan and i fought over indonesia while vlek conquered SA…NA…etc… must do this more often.

? Zone – 26 march 1999 (65)

1. edelwater
2. engcompany [ SA + AFRICA + EUROPE ] 3. pillage_idiot [ ind ] 4. laddername_paco [ reported loss ]

[teams] Pillage took Indonesia, eng took SA+AFR, i around it, BEFORE eng eliminated me he already stated to invade indonesia. We knew black was weak because he constantly put his armies in the frontline. So he took me out, now holding Europe, SA AND AFR. I saw the whole map and knew it would end this turn so i stated publicaly: (so not even secret) that there were only 5 left. The game WOULD end NOW in Eng’s turn. And also: in all the team-games i played NEVER has a beaten partner stopped giving information, there are also no specific rules for team-games. Pillage was angry that i stated this (or another reason) and quit the game accusing me of cheating. IF I WANTED TO CHEAT I WOULD’VE CHATTED PERSONALLY WITH ENGCOMPANY. ofcourse the game would’ve ended right now, this was so very clear, only a few 1’s left in NA and ASIA and Eng getting still an extra 3 cards to turn in. But please put your comments on the wall about it.
So here’s a summary to clear things out:

1. Eng had SA+AFR+EUR ! | Paco only 1’s in NA and Asia | Pill only 1’s + 1*5 in Indonesia (2*1 in Asia)
2. We knew this , black put all in frontline.
3. Before taking me out we discussed it and Eng gave me his plan: taking me out and with this armies killing black in indonesia
4. I was killed
5. And indeed saw the game would’ve been over in this, eng’s, turn
6. so i stated ‘only 5 left rest 1’s’ not to Eng personally, because i thought noone would accuse me of cheating, if i wanted to cheat i’d secretaly talked to Eng.
7. Pillage immediately went way angry and left the game, accusing me of cheating
8. Paco reported his loss
9. Here is my opinion: the game was already over but this was a good chance to quit it, and i think pillage should report his loss.

Next to this : have u EVER played a teamgame where u were killed and then stopped speaking to your partner about the board ??? No one i know has.
By the way : Paco is a great guy to report his loss.
put your comments on the wall

This is the mail Eng sent to both Pillage and Cases:

this is what i sent to cases for a no report

I played in a team game between pillage_idi0t and ladernam_paco versus myself and edelwater. We were in a good position to win the game when I killed off my partner for his cards. After he was gone edelwater told me what the opposition had on a country. Pillage said we were cheating and left the game. I was about to take out his remaining armies when he left. He complained that edelwater should not tell me anything because his armies were gone. I have played in many team games, and the team members always talk even if one is eliminated. Furthermore Pillage hosted the game and did not place a rule stating this in the settings.
This is a copy of what I emailed Pillage:

“please report the team loss, i am sorry you feel that it was cheating. but it wasn’t. there was no reference to dead man chat in the settings before the game started. and i was going to attack au that turn reguardless.

This is a copy of his reply:

“Not a chance buddy… Cant see that happening… your buddy edle blew that… The only thing I would even consider reporting is that you and your friend there cheat… The only thing that I know for sure is that its not gonna happen…”

I know we were not cheating as this was a TEAM game and that dead men no chat was not stated in rules before game in settings, every team game i have EVER been in the teams continue to discuss despite the elimination of 1 player. Also ladernam_paco, Pillage’s partner reported the loss, because his partner left and it was obvious we had the upper hand in the game.

thanks for your time.

And here is the reply from the op from cases (firehand)
Hello thanks for your E-mail. Your Dispute isnt very easy to answer. What I would do if just drop it .You got 1 report out of a game you.Probly would have won.And Just try to make sure before starting team games to state in Game room before start. That dead players can or can talk . I hope that helps .If not let me Know. As I said your Dispute isnt Cut and dry. If I was playing you .I might have been made as well :( But I wasnt there so can be sure .

WON Zone – 21 march 1999 (62)

1. edelwater blue 47
2. dan_d_dan red
3. wildbill_34 202 [reported loss]

crrffb. wild took indonesia from me, killed me after a while. Then long enjoyable battle between dan and wild, finally giving the odds to wildbill.

LOST Zone – 17 march 1999 (42)

1. edelwater blue NA
2. allman31 red IND+ASIA
3. vonkleef purple
4. addesh black SA [reported loss]

[crrf-increasing+visible] allman took ind+asia almost instantly we had to do something vonkleef attacked but got weakened an allman killed him getting all his cards…now i tried to invade asia and just managed it he threw me back out but addesh now took asia in middleast. Allman got huge amount of armies and went after me but killed me on 1 left !!!!!!!! rest is simple: addesh took the one, got the cards and wiped allman out.

FREEZE Zone – 17 march 1999 (42)

1. edelwater IND
2. Dan_and_Paul (red) SA -> AFR
3. Dale_13 (black) EUR -> IND
4. Merlish (green) NA

Very exiting game. At the end dale took my indonesia after i invaded through afr, sa and na to stop green from holding sa+na. dan_and_paul took africa then it frooze. This was what risk was all about if u let someone keep a continent and noone does anything…you have to do it yourself and hope on some luck else the other person many times wins.

LOST Zone – 16 march 1999 (39)

1. edelwater (red) IND TEAM1
2. riskking (yellow) SA+AFR TEAM1
3. death_mill (black) TEAM2 [reported loss] 4. tron_slayer (purple) around SA+Afr TEAM2 [reported loss]

Teams: . LOST. Funny. Both sides were thinking the other side cheated almost makes me go back to the boardgame. Is this what u get when u get higher on the ladder?

FREEZE Zone – 13 march 1999 (35)

1. edelwater (blue) [sa] 35
2. Trollmania (black) [afr][sa][eur] unranked [reported loss] 3. etaion (green) [eur] 50
4. vincennes (red) [ind] 15

I took SA. Etaion took europe. vince took ind. had to invade europe else etain too strong. troll kills me. troll takes sa+afr. vince takes 1 country in europe+africa. and on and off. troll tries to kill etain didnt succeed (one hidden in asia). vince kills etain and gets 7 cards –> 28 armies !! game freezes !! i’ll be fair…although troll would prob. lose i guess i report 2 him ! oh boy am i a good guy and stupid lol ! i hope troll appreciates it !

current stats for the Zone on Cases (13 march 1999, 15:26)

Here are my current stats for the Zone on Cases (13 march 1999, 15:26)
rank : 34 out of 635 players
win/loss : 30-40 (not so much games yet)
glicko-rating : 1676 (very low)
win % : 42.86% (should be around 70 i guess)
streak: +3
days idle : 0.0
ranks played average : 171.4 (this is very high i think)
ranks played higher : 58.6%
ladderbux now : 36
ladderbux life : 36
highest rank : 34
highest glicko : 1676
highest streak : +3