LOST Zone – 17 april (142)

1. KeithX blue SA->NA 53 [reported loss] 2. crimedog_1 black ->SA 141
3. DDrewz green IND->ASIA 99
4. edelwater red AFR->IND

Long interesting game. Had to take Africa, keith took SA, ddrewz IND. For me it was the whole game trying to keep green from getting Asia (middle east u know it). In the meanwhile keith conquered NA, so at that point i knew he’d won. I invaded SA and crimedog followed after me. He kept it 2 rounds but then keith conquered europe . I took Indonesia (partly in revenge hehe) but at that point blue conquered total green+world so i took the 2 black armies left and surrendered.

LOST Zone – 10 april (112)

1. EBJ1 IND 21 [reported loss] 2. edelwater SA
3. bot1
4. bot2

Rematch. EBJ took ind i sa. ebj took part of europe and asia, bots figting in africa and na. bot invaded me from afr into sa. done. ebj took asia, europe and invaded afr etc… lost. nice game.

LOST Zone – 10 april (112)

1. EBJ1 IND 21
2. edelwaterSA
3. bot1 red IND AS EUR
4. bot2 AFR

Took SA, planted 24 in africa took NA completely and then the bots began bashing ofcourse…EBJ saved up to 44 armies and took indonesia but next turn red bot killed green bot and me. Bot won.

WON Zone – 10 april (112)

1. rob_126 (black) IND 473 [reported loss] 2. bocajohn (red) unranked [reported loss] 3. edelwater (blue) SA AFR EUR NA

Finally a game that didnt freeze !! Took SA then AFR, rob was busy in NA so took Europe and then NA. won. Bocajohn was fortifying asia and trying to take indonesia from rob so that helped a lot :)