LOST Zone – 22 august 1999 (45)

1. edelwater blue [ind] 2. willison [116] 3. ok_imhere [17] [reported loss]

I took SA. but moved 10+ above siam. willison and ok_imhere had a short fight in indonesia Ok took indonesia. willison invaded me in SA. moved the 10+ from asia to SA and regained SA. Wiped out willison getting his cards and tried to gain territoria as much as possible before ok’s turn in. Fuck my luck even with 6 i didnt even succeed in conquering 1 army in NA. took africa and parts of europe. Willison conq europe, afr, invaded SA. So i could only slowly fight back to regain 1 part in africa and Eur. At the end i gave the game, she would win undoubtely. She also gave an url ( ) with her pic on it :

WON Zone – 22 august 1999 (45)

1. edelwater blue [ind] 2. MissDeeva yellow [ind->sa] [36] 3. 2 bots

crrffb. Miss conq ind in the beginning but bot build in siam and i above siam. One moment bot attacked indonesia luckily for but got only to indonesia with 1 left. Obviously i stormed with 25 downstairs to conquer and keep the continent. Red bot conq NA and Miss conquered SA. I just stacked in Asia letting bots kill Miss. When Miss was only 1 left i took out black bot and miss and got in total 1 card extra lol. Invaded NA (most of it), took africa and SA, while bot was left with some armies in Europe, few 1’s in NA and 1 territory in Asia. Next turn bot got 25 but stupidly stopped in SA (bots are stupid). So now it was easy wiping the world.

Some games

I played some games between these days but i was too lazy to write them down (yesterday i won against mistman1 [228] and trollmania [42]. Also played addesh [52] which i lost.

FROOZE Zone – 16 august 1999 (32)

1. edelwater blue SA NA
2. ACDC187 green [221] 3. aaircastle red [167] 4. Spade_pliskin black IND [76]

Took SA+NA. was pretty strong. tried to take out purple. but spade snatched him. ACDC was replaced by bot when he was booted , but we continued. On the last round only spade and i were left. He had indonesia and with his last strength conquered NA, with 3 in iceland, 3 in venezual and 2 territories in africa with 1’s on it. I had europe (not iceland), SA apart from venezuela, africa apart from SA+Madagascar with 2 on it, several in asia. The biggest army on the board was indonesia where spade had 9 on it. I would get a trade in next turn and had 20+ territories. Then i got booted : no response, tried alt-tab, got: disconnected from server. DAMN !

WON Zone – 16 august 1999 (32)

1. edelwater SA+NA
2. arealbullfan [73] 3. greg4fun [172] 4. MasterOfWar0 [386]

WHAT A GAME !!!!!!!!!! It was an easy win after greg4fun had bad dice trying to conquer SA. But there was a MAJOR discussion which lasted half an hour during the game, in which greg4fun wanted to report 2 cases (still dont know what he wanted to report). Areal did NOT secretely whisper during the game but somehow the subject came in the discussion and Areal was convinced anyway that whispering IS allowed, i couldn’t convince him and later on after the game we chatted in the lobby, and posted messages in the risk-forum. see: whispering.html. I’ve now talked all day about it so i won’t say anything more. lol. the discussion involved belle, wolfe777 and other ones. Can you imagine a whole day go by with one discussion from one game ???

LOSS Zone – 15 august 1999 (30)

1. edelwater
2. kycasinova [Ikan_doit] [reported loss] [20] 3. bot
4. bot
5. bot

We played 3 games, the first one he killed me but got killed by bots. The second one he killed me but he had to reboot. The third one he killed me and also won over bots. I really though that when i just take indonesia and build up an enormous pile around there while he is stuck in sa, attacked by bots, that i should be able to win. nope. This guy is really the best player i’ve ever met (and yes thats a compliment).

WON Zone – 14 august 1999 (30)

1. edelwater blue IND
2. stormingone black SA [50] 3. sniperteam3 red [10] 4. bot green

Took indonesia right in the beginning (was a little bit hard because bot also tried). Stormingone took SA and tried to go for NA. I eliminated most of green in asia to prevent the bot from thinking he could get it. Then ofcourse bot tried 2 go for NA and invaded SA. So stormingone moved out of SA and elminated sniperteam in AFR+EUR getting his cards. Next turn though bot eliminated stormingone witholding 1 army in asia, which i eliminated getting storminone’s cards. I could trade them in immediately and with already 20 on middleast conquered europe, invaded NA. Then the others gave the game. This game brings me to the highest position i’ve ever been on :) cool , tanx 2 sniper.

FROOZE Zone – 14 august 1999 (51)

1. edelwater blue IND
2. wildbill_34 blue NA [110] 3. hjc40 red SA [228] 4. boutg5 green [?not on ladder?]

I took Ind and strenthened in africa. HJC took SA from start. wildbill strenghtened in NA and took it after i while. just when i had 22 armies + trade in to eliminate hjc40 the game frooze. Anyway i learned an interesting quote from wildbill: ‘your never losing unless your dead’ :).