LOST Zone – 22 august 1999 (45)

1. edelwater blue [ind] 2. willison [116] 3. ok_imhere [17] [reported loss]

I took SA. but moved 10+ above siam. willison and ok_imhere had a short fight in indonesia Ok took indonesia. willison invaded me in SA. moved the 10+ from asia to SA and regained SA. Wiped out willison getting his cards and tried to gain territoria as much as possible before ok’s turn in. Fuck my luck even with 6 i didnt even succeed in conquering 1 army in NA. took africa and parts of europe. Willison conq europe, afr, invaded SA. So i could only slowly fight back to regain 1 part in africa and Eur. At the end i gave the game, she would win undoubtely. She also gave an url ( ) with her pic on it :