Han Solo in Carbonite

here is something that has been in my mind for a pretty long time, and i know it sounds very strange…. I want a lifesize Han Solo in Carbonite somewhere in my house. I will hide it behind a large curtain. Then… when someone moves the curtain… he will see Han Solo in carbonite! I dont know why but i think this is a pretty neat idea. 

I see you you could buy it here but it is no longer in the collection. I dont want the lifesize carboard version (which is also discontinued but around 20 dollar on e-bay and some other places) but the real heavy 3d carbonite thing!

So not just a small one but a real life-size one, (its my birthday soon!), i know the attakus 17inch (43 centimeter) statues are around $300 so i think a lifesize statue would be something like $1500. I don’t know much transportation would cost though, since i don’t know how heavy carbonite is… LOL.

p.s. my wife will kill you and me if you actually buy one for me LOL!

p.p.s. this came to mind again when i saw this!

update i found it here, only 2,500 of these prop replicas were made in the early 90’s by Illusive Concepts and authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd. This is an exact replica of Han Solo as he appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, frozen in carbonite, and life size, measuring approximetely 6 feet 8 inches (207cm) high, 2 feet 8 inches (85cm) long, 1 foot (31cm) wide and weighing around 100 lbs (45 kilo). Han solo in carbonite can be attached to a wall. The front and sides are hand painted in metallic silver. The item is finely detailed from the movies. It costs 3612 euro excl. transportation. I have to think about this…

p.s. All the images I hosted with this posting got lost so it is now an image-less posting.

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