Gingrich says its World War III / IV

Volgens Newt Gingrich is de 3e wereldoorlog begonnen en hij adviseert Bush om dit te verklaren.

He lists wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, this week’s bomb attacks in India, North Korean nuclear threats, terrorist arrests and investigations in Florida, Canada and Britain, and violence in Israel and Lebanon.


“MR. RUSSERT: This is World War III?

“MR. GINGRICH: I, I believe if you take all the countries I just listed, that you’ve been covering, put them on a map, look at all the different connectivity, you’d have to say to yourself this is, in fact, World War III.”

Even opgezocht, volgens mij is het WW IV:

WW I: 1914-1918 : Allied tegen Central forces, eindigt met verdrag bij Versaille
WW II: 1939-1945 : Democratie tegen Fascisme, eindigt met verovering Berlijn en o.a. Hiroshima en Nagasaki
WW III: The Cold War: 1950-1990 (mooi overzicht onderaan)
(waaronder Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Guatamala, Afghanistan, Perestrojka, etc…) : Kapitalisme tegen Communisme, eindigt met Perestrojka, berlijnse muur, einde communistische staat USSR.
WW IV: The War on Terror: (1979/1992/2006)-……
(NY, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Iran, Palestina, Korea, Londen, Madrid, …): nog niet geeindigd, net begonnen…

zie ook: Right-wing media divided: Is U.S. now in World War III, IV, or V?

Ter gelegenheid van dit besef heb ik de titel van mijn weblog gewijzigd van “ – for those without a plan” naar “ – life during WW4 and WWW2.0 (home of Cogmios)”

The Ultimate Zidane HeatButt Video

Deze is leuk:

update: video is no longer on youtube

Maar bij deze viel ik echt van mijn stoel van het lachen:

update: video is no longer on youtube

The incident you all know, identified by Italian lip readers, which shows what was actually said!
Zidane Materazzi incident resolved by BBC lip readers
Matarazzi wenst Zidane en zijn familie dood op de avond dat Zidana hoorde dat zijn moeder ernstig ziek was:

Prince Medley incl. Beyonce

Deze Prince medley met Beyonce tijdens de Grammies 2004 had ik nog niet gezien, maar is erg goed, het is Prince “old-skool” ik zal hem met jullie delen:

update: video is no longer on youtube

Ter vergelijking, hier een versie van Purple Rain uit 1985 (live met The Revolution):

update: video is no longer on youtube

Anyway het brengt me ook in the mood voor Morris Day & The Time- The Bird:

update: video is no longer on youtube

Not to mention when doves cry:

update: video is no longer on youtube

En nu we toch bezig zijn een heel andere maar wel mooie versie van when doves cry door Clay Aiken:

update: video is no longer on youtube

Nog eentje als afsluiter, een optreden van Prince, all the way in the beginning, hij was slechts 19 jaar en hier zingt hij “I wanna be your lover”, van zijn 2e lp prince uit 1979. Fantastisch!

update: video is no longer on youtube

Het interview wat daarna volgt MOET je zien!! Hij is zo enorm verlegen als Dick Clark hem interviewt.
Als ik deze optredens zie dan weet ik opeens weer waarom ik meer dan 100 cds (gekocht) van de beste man in de cd kast heb liggen.

Cortege – Transform your outlook

The software from Cortege looks interesting, with it you can group your outlook contacts intuitively. I feel it is one step further to my full list of requirements (some of which i posted here).

However they still lack the most basic datatype: households. I would like so much not only to have “contacts” in my view but also datatypes (among others) like “household”, “website” and “company” (to start with) and e.g. to have the possibility of hundreds of predefined queries and a startup screen which shows me reminders, not only of birthdays and marriage dates but fully integrates all dates and reminders of all datatypes with my personal calender and integration with my phone and pda and lotus notes and my messengers and the wife´s phone and build in VOIP and auto import from all of those and …

In Cortege you will have to appoint one member of a household as the primary and store the addressdata and the marriage dates etc… to this primary person. That is one approach but a very limited approach e.g. i cant really assign seperate properties to a households or e.g. have automatic labels from my merging on households and it feels awkward to assing one of the household as primary, would this alway be the oldest male or something?

However Cortege comes closer to my wish-application than many of its competitors and i have tried hundreds of those. I think many people are waiting for an application like Cortege. If they would add my requirements i would actually consider my cornerstone of contact management.

I will create a new website where i will list my Requirements, a larger one than i have posted on posted here, i hope that some company picks up these requirements and as soon as they all have been filled in and i like the program or website i will buy it or join it. The thing is: i just dont have the time to build it myself. Maybe if i would quit my job and went to fulltime development i would be able to but currently: nogo.

Scrapboy: offline IM for Orkut

Scrapboy may get me involved again in GooglesOrkut. Scrapboy is a little utility which sits on your “desktop” and whenever someone posts something to your scrapbook in Orkut it immediately pops up.

Nice idea, a sort of offline messenger. These types of utilities are on the rise, so i think i am going to put them in a seperate category. Offline Instant Messengers is like Scrapboy but i guess the private messaging in e.g. the phpBB may fall in this category too (is there a utility which watches your phpBB inboxes?). They have the property that your webbased inbox within a social site is enhanced by a small utility which alerts you whenever there is a new message and possibly the options to create a new message at the same time.

However multiply offers also a screensaver which shows you the latest posts from your network as a screensaver and the rssticker shows you in a scrolling mode all posts from possible your network (or any other rss) which acts in the same way. So maybe “social network utilities” is a better name.

Zooomr gaat niet live

zooomr gaat vandaag niet live. Geen idee wat het is, een of andere photo sharing site, maar de countdown bleef steken.

Soms vragen mensen hoe je op zo´n site site terecht komt:

Ik kwam op deze site via Listr 2.0, een site die sites bijhoudt die eindigen op de letter “r” (zoals de trendsetter flickr, over algemeen dus hippe zogenaamde web2.0 sites, altijd wel eens aardig om naar te kijken.

Ik kwam op die site via waxy een site die elke dag leuke linkjes post.

Ik kwam op die site via