Browzar – search and surf the web without leaving a trace

This new webgoodie, browzar is kinda neat. It’s a browser you can start from the website (or download the .exe and run it locally) which does not store traces like history, cookies and so on.

This is extremely useful when you are on a public computer or sharing a pc and don’ t want to leave any traces.

E.g. when checking you webmail in an internet cafe in Bangkok.


This one goes directly in the fav’s.

Club Med Peisey-Vallendry

Tomorrow-morning my wife will leave for a weekend at Club Med Peisey-Vallendry. Ofcourse i had to nose on the Internet where she will stay :)

As far as i can see all 239 pistes are closed (well uh… ofcourse) and the temperature is about 24 degrees. As far as i heard she will go do stuff like rafting and explore the mountains.

For me the task: taking care of Maarten for the next 4 days :)

Viewscore summarizes all gadget sites

The handy thing about Viewscore is that it combines the scores of several different “gadget” sites and gives the average outcome.

E.g. combining all the results it shows (for today):

The Canon EOS 30D as most popular camera.

The Panasonic PV-GS150 as most popular camcorder

The Toshiba E830 as most popular PDA

But ofcourse, the list it shows is not the one you should buy. It merely gives you a good starting point for comparing your choices with a shortlist e.g. the pv-gs150 is no longer sold and was a feature-stripped version of the more expensive PV-GS250. So i think this site somehow has to work on it’s formula.

AllPeers bittorrent extension for Firefox

The Allpeers Firefox extension was something many people were anxiously waiting for. Some think it will drive a small revolution in end-user computer-usage.

It allows you to share assets like music, photos, webpages and so on, with your friends (just drag and drop the stuff to share it). If you are somewhere in one of my social networks I will send you an invitation to share stuff with me soon. Ofcourse people will not trade movies and mp3 and so on within their closed networks… (kuch).

I think this is a must have extension which is handy all the time e.g. sharing a 100gigabyte file with a collegea or whatever, no problemos. download it here.

Crazy Egg track your heatmap!

Crazy Egg lets you track clicks your visitor make on your website. It visualizes this in, among others things, a click-heatmap. Very impressive.


What could you do with it?

  • Test different versions of a page to see which works better
  • Discover which ad placement gives the best results
  • Find out which design encourages visitors to click deeper
  • Learn which content leads to improved sales

Get it here.

3 Bubbles

3 bubbles offers a nice chatroom. Or in their words:

With the technical direction of Jabber inventor Jer Miller, 3bubbles currently provides a highly scalable and open platform that enables effective group dialog between users, publishers and content providers. All in real-time.

They are in limited release mode so beg for the chatroom by using the submission form.

Syncing my data begins to become complex


Now that i added the SyncJE synchronization to sync my agenda, addressbook and tasklist in the family+friends website (excellent service by the way, everyone should use this). I’m beginning to loose grip on the total synchronization process and when i need to do what.

The picture above just shows a little part of my current synchronization situation, when i have time i will add some more components to it.

Basically, whenever i start my laptop it begins syncing Outlook to my PDA via Microsoft ActiveSync and visa versa as well as to my Nokia Phone via the installed Nokia Sync Software, when i then click the sync button in Outlook to sync my contacts with Family+Friends using SyncJE it does this also. And when I am at the customer i sync my agenda only with my Outlook version installed on my office machine with the version of Microsoft ActiveSync there. Apart from this i try to sync my IBM Lotus Notes Agenda, Tasks and such in a manual manner (i’m looking into a notes solution for WM5). I haven’t even talked about Plaxo, LinkedIn, my Wife’s phone and websites ETC….

I have several problems with the current process (and issues and RFCs), most of all that it costs me loads of time to sync all my devices and programs and actually that i somehow lose track of the “state” of the model. In the most ideal picture every device and every application has exactly the same contacts, agenda and tasklist at every moment. In practice it means: chaos and non-usability.

I will elaborate on this tomorrow if i have time apart from the daily sync-everything-with-everything.