Clubdorp Peisey-Vallandry: Exclusief genieten


WebloggerText Box: Clubdorp Peisey-Vallandry in cijfers</p>
<p>Hotel             : 8,5<br />
Skigebied      : 9<br />
Eten- en drinken : 9<br />
Entertainment        : 8<br />
Prijsniveau      : 7<br />
Bereikbaarheid       : 7,5<br />
: Esmée de Leau-van Willige, Toerkoop Reisburo Holiday Feeling

Bent u op zoek naar een ontspannen en zorgeloze vakantie met uitstekende service?

Een maand geleden werd ik uitgenodigd om het Club Med gevoel te ervaren in het nieuwe clubdorp van Club Med in Peissey-Vallandry (F). Ik heb genoten van een vriendelijke, harmonieuze omgeving, met als topper Continue reading Clubdorp Peisey-Vallandry: Exclusief genieten

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Google Genealogy

While I was surfing some genealogy sites (actually this one) I was wondering when Google Genealogy will happen. You just click on any  person that ever lived and get a circle around them showing their parent, the parents of these and zillions of other related information.

Since everyone is related to everyone else, you could then easily couple it to your social networks so you can see how far someone is related from someone else in terms of bloodlines.

It’s basic the same idea as addressbooks: everyone has his own addressbook, but if we would just centralize 1 single addressbook noone would need to create such a thing, just export the persons in your network and you’re always up2date a la a super-Plaxo.

Just like Google Earth shows how small earth is and “we all have to get along Google Genealogy would show how small the distance between you and anyone else alive on this planet is in terms of generations.

p.s. it would eliminate all other genealogy programs and websites, put the mormons out of a job, but we would have 1 free application, possibly gedcom based  and in an easy understandable gui.

Anywayz, if Google doesn’t come up with this thing I think it is time for a gigantic funded Web2.0 / Application2.0 genealogy concept, i mean, this is called the “social software boom” but we don’t have the biggest social thing in there yet.

Yawn, let’s do some sizing and non functional requirements figures tomorrow.

Send me a million if you become a billionaire with the idea.