500.000 pageviews on this website

Another historic mile point for this website: 500.000 pageviews! Is it much? It took me eleven years to get 500.000 pageviews in total while there are lots of sites on the Internet with 500.000 pageviews per day or even per hour so… no it’s not much at all but still… cake for everyone! For the year 2007 I expect 200.000 pageviews.

Do I run this weblog for the pageviews? Not at all, in such a case I would have to mention a lot of “babes”, some jokes, some game info, lots of xxx and lots of popular stuff.

However I have some sites in other categories as “personal weblog” which are getting this amount of traffic in a very short time.

Which brings me to the point: what is the value of pageviews as a whole? First of all you should check the category in which a website falls. If it is one of the popular ones: sex, supermodels or humor you should get massive amount of pageviews a day (e.g. I had a funny site in 1999/2000 which got appr. 30.000 pageviews a day). But if you run a site about politics, biking or modeltrains you should be happy if you get appr. 100 pageviews a day.

A good point to check if you have the appropriate amount of pageviews/day for your personal site is e.g. the webstats4u category directory. You will find there e.g. that for entertainment/humor you should try to get appr. 18123 pageviews a day, for erotics/adult 29783 a day and for music/mp3 10718 pageviews a day. I explicitly take the high numbers since most large website owners removed the webstats4u counter so only the small are left.

Model drops € 700.000 mirror

Suppose you have just a bad day at your work. Suppose you work as a waiter and you drop a bottle of wine … dont worry,  just think of this model who, on a bad day, drops a mirror worth over € 700.000,- ! When I look at the second photo I almost can feel how she must have felt on that moment. (” omg … omg…. omg…. fuck … fuck… fuck”) LOL!

Does anything matter?

If a meteor crashes (right now) and the earth is shattered in a zillion pieces and will disappear forever, does it matter?

There are 2 options:

  • YES – in this case you could well be a dualist, you are religious or have any kind of other memes in your mind that tell you “there is more” and we are important enough for the universe that it matters
  • NO – in this case you could well be an atheist or have a secular viewpoint or a weird religion who actually will regard it as just a physical event in the universe but nothing more than that. You could even be the one who points out that even the question is nonsense or incorrect (still you would be a NO person).

Being in either in the YES group or the NO group matters actually a lot in the present and the way your inner self experiences the world as well as how your behavior is as a result of this ground-level lemma, it works all the way through to the details of your behavior.

As an example: would you improve things (anything, from civilization to yourself) if you fall in the NO group. Countless discussions were there on this subject. The strange thing is however that the NO group actually improves things just like the YES group. Improving is somehow a property of being a human, it’s inside of us. But the difference is the explanation in your own inner self for the reason why you improve things (e.g. civilization or yourself). The NO group actually has the advantage that it isn’t bound by dogma’s so it improves things for humanity and themselves a lot quicker.

Error when adding a comment

Yesterday I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 so probably there are still some glitches. Ray reported that you get an error message from the “subscribe to comments plugin”

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by…

I just wanted you to know that I’m looking into this. But to clarify: comments will get submitted so just ignore it for now.

UPDATE: solved. (somehow i can only surf to the subscribe.to.comments page using a proxy, maybe its my adsl provider, anyhows i just downloaded version 2.1 of the plugin and the problem seems to be resolved.)

Profile linker links social networks together and more links

Bored.com – Destroy Websites
destroy any website!

De site voor Moeders

Geluidsnet: Geluidsnet
geeft visueel de geluids”overlast” weer LIVE van vliegtuigverkeer (incl. Google Earth plugin met vliegverkeer bewegingen)

Overzicht van computerbeurzen
Overzicht van computerbeurzen, altijd handig natuurlijk.

De betekenis van een woord als korjaal, samenstellingen met bier en met water, citaten uit het werk van Vondel en Jan Cremer, het is allemaal te vinden in deze onlineversie van het Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (WNT). Het Instituut voor Nederlands

FotoVinder – Hoe goed ken jij je regio/hobby?
grappig fotospel per regio

Vertel je geheim.nl
met entries als “Ik krijg echt een kick in de supermarkt. Ik vul de karretjes van andere mensen helemaal vol met producten die ik uitzoek. Bijvoorbeeld maandverband bij een man, en nog meer van dat soort dingen.”

Planet – YouTube: de mooiste voetbalfilmpjes
de 5 mooiste voetbal fimpjes

zoook – laat zien wat je te koop hebt
Verkoop spullen via filmpjes, grappig!

Wink | People Search | Social Search Engine
Wink is the Social Search Engine that uses people’s contributions and feedback (like bookmarking, rating, and organizing links) to make it easier to find and share current, relevant results.

profile linker is a meta social network linking multiple social networks together.

a meta social network, give them all your e-mail addresses (uh…not) and they will scavenge all social networks to find you friends.