500.000 pageviews on this website

Another historic mile point for this website: 500.000 pageviews! Is it much? It took me eleven years to get 500.000 pageviews in total while there are lots of sites on the Internet with 500.000 pageviews per day or even per hour so… no it’s not much at all but still… cake for everyone! For the year 2007 I expect 200.000 pageviews.

Do I run this weblog for the pageviews? Not at all, in such a case I would have to mention a lot of “babes”, some jokes, some game info, lots of xxx and lots of popular stuff.

However I have some sites in other categories as “personal weblog” which are getting this amount of traffic in a very short time.

Which brings me to the point: what is the value of pageviews as a whole? First of all you should check the category in which a website falls. If it is one of the popular ones: sex, supermodels or humor you should get massive amount of pageviews a day (e.g. I had a funny site in 1999/2000 which got appr. 30.000 pageviews a day). But if you run a site about politics, biking or modeltrains you should be happy if you get appr. 100 pageviews a day.

A good point to check if you have the appropriate amount of pageviews/day for your personal site is e.g. the webstats4u category directory. You will find there e.g. that for entertainment/humor you should try to get appr. 18123 pageviews a day, for erotics/adult 29783 a day and for music/mp3 10718 pageviews a day. I explicitly take the high numbers since most large website owners removed the webstats4u counter so only the small are left.