Geheime tijdscapsules

De site “” heeft mijn poging tot een science fiction verhaal overgenomen op zijn website als (denk ik) realistisch verhaal.

ain’t that cool or what?

Als ik de wondere wereld website doorblader dan bedenk ik me dat de carriere van iemand als Ron E. Hubbart me wel wat lijkt, deze schreef eens “I’m going to invent a religion that’s going to make me a fortune. I’m tired of writing for a penny a word.” (als science ficton schrijver) en begon simpelweg de religie scientology.

Dat lijkt me wel wat eigenlijk, er vallen genoeg zieltjes te winnen. Ik kan bijvoorbeeld een mix maken tussen de maya kalender (die eindigt in 2012), de global-warming-ramp, oorlogen en bestaande apocalypse geschriften. Ik voeg daar denk ik nog aan toe de de lijst van pausen van Malachy en in het kader van een vleugje Nostradamus noem ik mijzelf “C-ogmios”:


c. Ogmios

I p 274

Ogmios is the counterforce to the Antichrist who will  help tear down
the tyranny and balance the universe in a way that is harmonious to
man's central spiritual source. He will be supported by many
countries still fighting the Antichrist. He will probably arise from
the underground movement. In one of the countries conquered by the
Antichrist the underground will be tightly organized. Ogmios will
arise from it, and confront the Antichrist in the area in Eurasia
close to Constantinople, as WWWIII is approaching its end. Ogmios wil
come from somewhere in central Europe. He is very well prepared
spiritually for the task, because his opponent is very powerful with
a strong aura of negative powers.

Ogmios will be "of the people". He will have worked up through the
ranks from a simple background, attaining his  accomplishments
through honest work. He will have technical training but will rely
mainly on his practicality. He's an old soul who has his priorities
straight and can see the root of matters. He is one who will help
pave the way for the "Great Genius". Ogmios realizes he is not the
one to lead the world to ultimate peace, but he is the one to help
bring down "the one who would destroy the world" (the Antichrist) to
open the way for the one who will guide the world to ultimate peace.

I p 277 (cV-24)

The organization run by Ogmios will survive the worst of the time of
troubles and will serve the basis for future governments after the
Antichrist is put down. The "glory of the sun" is behind Ogmios; is
is a man of great stature, but has a direct, sometimes "gruff"
personality. He makes a good friend but a  terrible enemy. He will be
an upstanding man of strong principles and morals, making him a
strong adversary to the Antichrist. His principles are his own and
not influenced by dogma, and his organization under his leadership is
the effective opposition to the Antichrist, but he is not haughty.

I p 277 (cII-85)

Ogmios will be "small" in that his forces and resources are meager.
His underground movement will be scraping to keep body and soul


Nu nog op zoek naar de persoon “Glory of the sun” die achter mij kan staan gedurende de komende vreselijke jaren (kijk, ik kom al in mijn rol als c-ogmios)

Get a first life!

I didn’t blog about get-a-first-life before because well…this is covered in the 99% other blogs of this world. However the response of Second Life on this site is really really funny!

Parody sites like this are as old as the Internet but a response like Second Life gave is something I haven’t seen before, it’s like the first legal 2.0 response.

(via Waxy via

Space Invaders in Google Earth

While we noticed already some groups making their statement through Google Earth, these guys made Space Invaders!

We are now probably entering the phase where every organisation or group or person who owns a building or a piece of land will create their own “whatever” to show up on Google Earth. Too bad my rooftop is too small…well…hmmm….maybe i can leave a smiley!