Links for 2007-02-28

growabrain: Blog of the Day Archives
I want to thank Grow-a-Brain of making me blog of the day!

Press releases – Press release – Corel Corporation
Corel Introduces New WordPerfect® Lightning®

Quasicrystal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Xara Press Release: Xara acquired by MAGIX
My favorite drawing tool Xara has been acquired by MAGIX. So from “stand-alone” company to COREL to “stand-alone” to MAGIX. I hope the product development will go on like it has the past years.

2Spare – Top 15 Strangest Coincidences
I love these stories, true or not

The Great Red Comet
The Great Red Comet Current world events are providing factual evidence that the End Times are upon us. Will you be prepared