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Press releases – Press release – Corel Corporation
Corel Introduces New WordPerfect® Lightning®

Quasicrystal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Xara Press Release: Xara acquired by MAGIX
My favorite drawing tool Xara has been acquired by MAGIX. So from “stand-alone” company to COREL to “stand-alone” to MAGIX. I hope the product development will go on like it has the past years.

2Spare – Top 15 Strangest Coincidences
I love these stories, true or not

The Great Red Comet
The Great Red Comet Current world events are providing factual evidence that the End Times are upon us. Will you be prepared

The Capitalism Pyramid – Pareto Principle and Gini coefficient

(via aaaargh) – a very cool picture which made me look-up stuff.

Much like the Pareto Principle: when you look at the houses for sale in your district and would range them by price you would see a sort of steep slope. Meaning: 20% of the people can buy the real expensive houses and 80% of uhm… “us” (I presume) dwell around the cheaper stuff. Meaning 80% of the income goes to 20% of the people. This guy invented it / discovered it:

\log N = \log A + m \log x \,

Put that on your t-shirt and all of us will know what you mean. Is it fair? Probably it’s the best we can come up with I guess.

The picture underneath is in Dutch, it shows the amount of houses for sale on the Y column and the price on the X column (in my district). The first red line shows what someone with a modal income can afford. The second red line shows what someone with 2 times modal can afford (modal is the average income, meaning 50% is to left of the first red line).

Pareto principle for housing market

See also the Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient, the Gini Coefficient is used to determine inequality. The piece in Wikipedia about it is well worth reading, maybe you can use it, the next time this topic comes up in your local bar.

A Gini Coefficient of 100 would be cool. This would mean that one person would hold all income while the rest holds nothing, apparently Namibia comes closest with a score of 74.3, I wonder what’s going on there. The most equal distribution of wealth goes to Azerbaijan, not surprisingly since it’s the world’s fastest growing economy in the world. These guys have oil, crops, mines, seafood, silk, etc… unfortunately Human Rights has not the highest priority in this predominantly Muslim country.


update: Joseph mailed me that he is sorry and that he will take the sites offline. So… end of story.


I blogged already about *deleted* who copied my site, placed his own google ads on it and then went marketing it as mad.

So my site is and HE copied it plainly to and

The sad thing is that his (well…mine) sites are on many blogs and websites now, see and read the things people say and write about it. (thousands of thumb ups) (826 people saved his link!)

case closed!

Links for 2007-02-27 – Where do you get all those cool crazy links from?
The REAL, READ: . HELP ME and vote this REAL site to the TOP.

Pictures, Photos of Lost Cities
secretive lost cities (via beertjes weblog)

Nikon COOLPIX Range
Overview of the new Coolpix camera’s of NIKON

Why I host at Dreamhost (coupon code GODUTCH)
Dreamhost is currently the best place to host your website

Occam’s Razor’s Defeat

Often, in discussions Occam’s razor is used to follow a certain path e.g. one person may think a refrigerator works because it has a ghost or works by mysterious ways while another person may say: “let’s just assume it works because of the inner parts and start by examining these to find out. So occam’s razor is used to always take the most (!) simplest approach of finding an explanation to a problem, because it often works. IT guys often take this approach and it is often used by Atheists versus Dualists, where the first will say “let’s start by explaining men/self-consiousness/etc… by looking at the facts first”.

However the method above, in the picture, defeats it :)

(I think the picture came from here)

Copying my work and getting profit from it! Let’s hunt him down!

update: Today I received an e-mail from Joseph that he will remove the content and that he is sorry for his mistake.

Joseph: I will remove your personal information which I posted here, I will recall any currently running actions.

To leave to post somewhat intact I’ll leave the content but will remove all references to background on Joseph.

Hmmmm…. maybe I overreacted… I’m sorry if I did :)

The no longer relevant posting:

My sites and the subs like are being copied like wild.

And yes, I realize that it is an open source design and just some links but it took me some while to get the idea, put them together, and worse of all creating these teeny weeny pngs for each site. *grmbl* he even took my lines … LOL! Go Away!

I assume this guy here *DELETED* plainly downloaded the sites including my icons, my words, my handpicked sites and just placed his own google ads above it. GRMBL! The worst thing is that lots of people like his work!! Can you imagine how ANGRY I can become because of this?

So… first thing… he is using “” and “” as far as i know of.


So… who is it? *DELETED (read above)*

35% off IBM books

When you now sign up with the IBM Press Website (free), you get an e-mail with an one-time discount code. It gave me 35% off the book I just ordered:

Visual Modeling with IBM® Rational® Software Architect and UML™

You can also read it online at Safari.

Basically don’t buy it if you are already an expert on either Rose, RSA or UML. However if you need to learn UML and RSA (e.g. as developer or architect) OR if you need to give courses and want to pick up some methods to teach students UML then this is an excellent book. It was a tip from some fellow Architect students during my Component Modelling courses. Here are some reviews.