Links for 2007-02-22 High quality pocketpc wallpapers in 240×320 and 480×640 resolutions
pocketpcscreens has some very nice background for your pocketpc. nicely layed out site anyway.

WinCustomize: Vista Plus Version 2
Well…lets just customize my xp so it looks like Vista !
o.m.g. soon we will have atheisttube, moslimtube, homotube, socialisttube, nazitube, childrentube, animaltube, tubetube (metatube), which makes me think about the dream of the Internet… communication between people, new ideas, progress…not.

Strange Horizons Articles: Megastructures, by Paul Lucas

A meta social network to connect your friend on multiple social networks….. like many other meta social networks but what the heck lets register :)

Technorati Support Rules

It has been a while since I visited Technorati. Clearly they are the center of the blog universe and just by visiting their site every day you can find out what is happening in the blogosphere.

Today I reviewed my claimed blogs and (finally) changed it as my only and primary weblog (since I have to discard in some time but I haven’t created a handy refer to exact new location blogposting X to blogposting Z forward script, lazy). However I couldn’t update my settings so I put an entry in the support forum and (amazing) about 20 minutes later the admin picked up my issue and resolved it so you can see my new profile at … 20 minutes!

So…admin of Technorati, I bow to you for a near unbelievable support.

And readers PLEASE PLEASE if you like my Blog click the next icon or HERE to favorize my blog in Technorati! :) And I will provide you with 11 years more of fun!


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Links for 2007-02-21

cwRsync – Rsync for Windows – ITeF!x Consulting
for fast remote backup and file synchronization. E.g. syncing between your local disk and dreamhost (use the code “GODUTCH” when signing up with for maximum discount)

Sysinternals Suite
The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. It does not contain non-troubleshooting tools like the BSOD Screen Saver or NotMyFault.

StorageMojo » Everything You Know About Disks Is Wrong
If I’m an IT architect, the idea that I can spend less money and get higher reliability from simple cluster storage file replication should be very attractive.

superfuture :: amsterdam :: amsterdam centrum :: map
Where to shop for cool stuff in Amsterdam Central

The Top 10 Killer Blogs and Resources for Entrepreneurs | MindValleyLabs Internet Marketing Blog

hentai.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash-object)
het hentai prei meisje

timeline.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash-object)
intuitieve way of looking at time, this is one I would to have on my wall as clock

LiveEarth Logo contains secret Messages!

7-7-07 Al Gore and Friends will give a worldwide concert for getting attention for the environment and global warming. I wonder if you realize how smart the creator of the logo of the liveearth concert has made the logo:

- he left off most of Greenland (because it would melt)
- he left off the Soutpole and northpole (they have melted)
- he left off Saudie Arabia (bombed, happy xms by the Bush family)
- apparently something has gone wrong in Europa (floodings), it is now connected with Africa
- Indonesia apparently has flooded (all those little Islands)
- The has been a large continental rupture since you can jump from South America to Africa

guess you didn’t see that at first sight!