Universcale – Nikon puts things in perspective with the infinite yardstick

On the Nikon site there is an amazing flash applet showing a measurement scale, on everything we can grasp for the moment.

You can click your way through from peta-technology to complete milky-ways. There is a lot to explore in the online application and ofcourse, It´s great for children to get a grip on the concepts of measurements and sizes but also it allows grown-ups to wonder about the amazing universe we live in.

I spend about half an hour cruising the website. It really gave me a good idea on e.g. where to place Protons versus DNA, I learned that there were actual cells we can see with the naked eye “Ovums”  but also gave me all kind of philosophical thoughts “we ourselves are a community of microbes, and therefore we are microcosms which are repeatedly born and destroyed just like the universe” … making me think I really have to stop smoking some day.

But most of all it made me realize that I have to stop thinking in terms of “big” and “small” because these are really “so 2006 concepts”. There is the realm of the micro (transistors), the nano (yellow fever virus), the pico (atom) and so on.

Please note that you have to run your browser in full-screen modus  (F11) to see the clickable navigation bar of the unverscale.

(via Crave)

And while you are on the Nikon site you might  enjoy the other Nikon discovery applications of which I very much enjoyed the parts of The story of lights and people.

A really fantastic eye-opener/learning site where I spend another few hours learning about a lot of different things. A five-star site. “Science writer Hiromi Yokoyama takes us on a tour through the fascinating world of light, and its relationship with humans.”.

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