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What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke Right Now? | Clipmarks
wow. Didn’t know that!

StumbleUpon Friend Explorer
Stumbles through your friends list and lets you add your friends list to your website / A showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts

Scribd – mod rewrite cheat sheet
a mod rewrite cheat sheet, handy!

spYderweb (zoek op: naam, adres, telefoonnummer, e-mail, ip ,postcode of geboortedatum in nederland)

Complete O’reilly bookshelves online!

Hey . Via StumbleUpon I found the complete O’reilly bookshelves online.  From Perl (3d edition) to SSH the definitive guide and from the PHP Cookbook to DNS&Bind. Google the Google…hey…it’s all over the place like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and about a million other sites

Isn’t this illegal since they can only be on SafariOnline or are are these books already part of the O’reilly Open Books site (where you can find e.g. Version control with Subversion)? If I check on Amazon I see them at $1.49, so ah well…almost an Open Book I guess.

Exactitudes: which type of human are YOU?

ExactitudesexactitudesRotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek have worked together since October 1994. Inspired by a shared interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, they have systematically documented numerous identities over the last 13 years. Rotterdam’s heterogeneous, multicultural street scene remains a major source of inspiration for Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, although since 1998 they have also worked in cities abroad.

They call their series Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude. By registering their subjects in an identical framework, with similar poses and a strictly observed dress code, Versluis and Uyttenbroek provide an almost scientific, anthropological record of people’s attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity. The apparent contradiction between individuality and uniformity is, however, taken to such extremes in their arresting objective-looking photographic viewpoint and stylistic analysis that the artistic aspect clearly dominates the purely documentary element.

note: I blogged the site almost 2 years ago, but saw it appearing on eKudos again (dutch Digg clone). It’s still amazing. I think series #64, #65, #2, #36 and #54 is somewhat along my own dress code.

The end of the first dutch weblog era – revised: Webstats becomes Motigo webstats

non-dutch/belgium audience: warning: you will have no clue what the next blogposting is about!

The end of the first weblogera in the Netherlands – revised

For years and years ( >1996) the free blue  Nedstat  Basic counter was the de facto counter for most all popular Blogs and sites, it was a unifying factor. In time it was the only constant factor in Bloggers changing/omkatting their designs. It was almost a religion for many bloggers relying on the counter for all statistics over the years and checking all categories. (just Google on it or take the wayback machine).

Then Nedstat became Webstats4u (bought over for 3 million by adpepper) in november 2005 (has it been so long) and all hell broke loose. Not only another counter… but they started annoying the web(log)community with VERY irritating popups. A revolution was a fact, people cried, wanted to take juridical steps, wrote long blog epistels about it, saved their stats for safekeeping, took up weapons …it was probably the end of the first weblogera in the Netherlands kept together by the blue counter and its weblog category, most everyone dropped the thing. (I really dont understand what the remaining owners in the catalogue are doing there). (read the comments(!) on: nedstat basic gebruikers verrast door popups, the webstats 4u weblog 100 : #34 (11/2005), etcetera). The new owners didn’t cared at all for any endusers and just wanted to cash-in. Even the siteadvisor gives a RED warning just visiting the site, and I read they even did popups with =*SOUND*= Pathetic. GRMBL.

And now … Webstats4u become Motigo. It’s like Satan changing it’s name to the Bibobubiboku clown :)

A fresh name, a web2.0 look and new services like a free guestbook, short-url-goodie, more statistical functions, etc…sure.

I don’t have much background on this so I began surfing the net, and found lots of those old Bloggers who once had a life around the Nedstat counter :) :

  • Jeroen Tholen is also one of the “old guys” and wrote about it
  • Tellertest also wonders if the brand name is soo disgusted by end-users that the name changes and hopes the popups come to and end
  • Mozbrowser opens the old nedstat>webstats4u topic and doesnt expect any change, just a fox in a new coat
  • Dr. D. remembers the weblog-nedstat union and sees the many spelling mistakes on the site
  • Minispace thinks it’s a “jeuknaam”

Just for memories sake, if you want to know what all these guys were doing in 1997, click here and study the sites, note the names and see where they are now. Really nostalgic fun!!

Links for 2007-03-12

» Playstation 3 krijgt eigen Second Life » SecondLifeCrew
Playstation Home is een 3D wereld die moet dienen als lanceerplatform voor multiplayer online gaming. Elke PS3-speler zal in deze wereld een eigen verblijfplaats en een avatar die er zeer realistisch zou moeten uitzien. Bovendien wordt Playstation Home gr

Gratis | download gratis software | open source | freeware
gratis software

Probeer in je leven alle plaatsen van nederland te bezoeken en maak overal een foto van EN plaats hem dan op deze site.

over onrealistische schoonheid
Dit is een website over onrealistische schoonheid. Wat doet het onhaalbare schoonheidsideaal, zoals gepresenteerd in de media, met vrouwen?

CommunityWalk – About
With the ability to show photos, add comments, display interactive media, hide and show categories of locations, explore hundreds of fantastic maps of anything and everything, and so much more, CommunityWalk is fast becoming the destination site for creat

Bekijk het maar
klikwijzer voor jongeren

The Definitive 200 rock albums
The definitive 200 rock albums – Een dieet volgen? Dieet wijzer met de dieet-wijzer.
Overzicht van dieetvormen
Meer huizen dan op Funda

How to bluff your way in Web 2.0

Carbonmade: Your online portfolio.
I can surf through Carbonmade for weeks, really amazing what the users put into their portfolios

Hersenstormers – Hersenstormers debuteren met eerste Nederlandse documentaire over een internetforum [Façade]
an online movie about FOK!