Queens Day MMVII – We bought a flag!

Today it’s Queens Day in the Netherlands: everyone has a day off. The country is colored Orange and there are lots of festivities.

Since we have a new home, I bought a flag a couple of days ago and this morning I could raise the flag for the first time! Pretty cool.

Here you can see my wife and my son “under” the dutch flag. The netherlands all the way.

Here are the dates that the flag will be raised:

  • 31 januari (1 februari) (Verjaardag van de Koningin)
  • 27 april (28 april) (Verjaardag van de Prins van Oranje)
  • 30 april (29 april) (Koninginnedag)
  • 4 mei (4 mei) (Nationale dodenherdenking, met halfstok vlaggen van 18.00 uur tot zonsondergang (ca. 21.10 uur zomertijd))
  • 5 mei (5 mei) (Nationale bevrijdingsdag)
  • 17 mei (18 mei) (Verjaardag van Prinses Máxima)
  • 15 augustus (16 augustus) (Formeel einde Tweede Wereldoorlog)
  • 15 december (16 december) (Koninkrijksdag)

Hiroshima, 5 august 1945

This is a picture from Hiroshima. One day before. I found it at cherryflava. It reminded me of the black swan theory. I notice that a new group of memes is starting to get hold of the world: instead of (all of us) be completely overwhelmed by events and then reacting to it, we are slowly trying to somehow prepare for various kinds of scenario’s.

I don’t mean insurance for when your house burns down or “disaster” practices but preparing ourselves mentally on various highly unlikely events either on a personal scale or on a larger scale.

Are you mentally prepared for the highly unlikely death of close ones? Are you mentally prepared for a disaster which will shock your nation? Are you prepared for the crash of all your harddisks at once? Are you already able to cope with this?

I am not. But maybe a new conscious level is being created for these kind of events.

Whenever there is a shocking event only true leaders arise who can lead the pack. A good example is “Jack Sheppard” from LOST. When the airplane crashes in which he sits (episode 1), only he is the one who takes action to mobilize the shocked survivors and lead them to a new sort of group structure.

Mental preparation for black swan events could lead to more leaders able to lead us in these kind of situations. To give you an instinctive feeling of the properties of such a leader, who would stabilize the situation when such an event would occur?