Windows Live Writer BETA 2 Released !

image Wow! I must be psychic. 5 days after I posted “Whats up with Windows Live Writer?” (WLW)Windows Live Writer BETA 2 is HERE !

I downloaded the installation via a proxy since I’m based in the Netherlands, meaning I will get forwarded to a general website without the downloads. (Although I could have gotten it from here).

I de-installed the old version and deleted my my documents live writer directory” and then installed the new BETA 2 release. So… what’s in here? First of all. I’m using this application almost every day so when I saw the feature list, the actual new goodies and the superb new look and feel I was filled with excitement!

Here is a little list of the new features I found most handy for me personally:

1. Table Support

Tables Suppport! Isnt this Cool?
Now I can make all kinds of smart tables without typing tr td a million times

windows live writer2. Link to previous postings – When you add a link you can choose via a pulldownmenu to link it to an earlier post (or evento a glossary entry), furthermore it’s in the rightclick menu which is very thoughtful. Linking to earlier posts is quite handy from a pulldown menu so that I don’t have to copy and paste older permalinks into my postings. The glossary entry might be very handy if you have a set of urls you link to regularly e.g. the weblogs you visit most often.

3. Support for Pages (WordPress) – Allowing us to not only manage our blogpostings but also manage WP pages. And yes it supports the templates for pages! wow this is really good. Amazing… I can now edit my “about” page from Windows Live Writer, this empowers me to do much more with WordPress pages. Stay tuned.

4. Support for excerpts and extended entries – which is very handy although most of theimage time I’m too lazy to make these things. And yes, it can split your post also just like inside WordPress.

5. It syncs between WordPress content and your local blogpostings – the previous  version had a kind-of workaround where you had to delete WLW postings physically on your disk to get them aligned, this version solves all of this.

6. Many new options! E.g. you can choose to save your blog every N minutes; You can now choose to open a new window when pressing NEW or just open the blog in the same window (which was discussed here); etc…

7. The button manage weblog jumps straight to my WordPress admin page which is a nice goodie.

8. You can now …. Add new categories! So not only add existing categories to your blog but also add new categories. How sweet is this, wonderful. Joe writes: You can even do it while you’re writing a draft offline, since we don’t actually “commit