Links for 2007-05-08

tlbox – Programming Tools

How to break DRM – easy step-by-step explanations – iTunes, DVDs, etc.

The Kurt Vonnegut Library
all of Kurt Vonnegut’s novels in PDF.

Discovery Channel :: News – Archaeology :: Mona Lisa’s Identity Revealed?

Vakantie ReisWijzer 315513 vakantie beoordelingen: Hotels, Appartementen, Campings.
HEERLIJK om door al die slechts reis ervaringen heen te lezen :) – Ruil gratis uw DVD voor andere DVDs!
amazing sculptures

Unbelievable sculptures: What kind of art is this? And who is able to do it? / Creativity / Self Improvement ReaDigg.COM
absolutely beautiful

Freedom to Tinker » Blog Archive » You Can Own an Integer Too — Get Yours Here
I now OWN this number: D0 88 29 39 DF D6 62 42 1F 18 7F E7 E4 8B B1 6D c) SO hereby it is forbidden to use this number yourself.