Xara Xtreme 3.2

Well… I wrote I wanted to upgrade to 3.2 so here we go. It says $39 to upgrade to version 3.2 but this is slightly misleading, it total it’s actually $52.87.

Product price: $79.00
Postage Price: $6.00
Discount: $40.00
VAT/TVA: $7.87
Total: $52.87

Ah well… I want it :) Pom ti Dom…too bad they don’t support paypal, I have to use my VISA here. Ok. Let’s download the 3.2 version on the Xara download site.

Let me spit through the tips and tricks section in the forum and then give you a more complete review of the new version!

Let’s talk mailboxes

image Everyone has a mailbox (and I mean the physical one, you nerd). That’s funny isn’t it? Have you ever just sat down and thought about “mailboxes”? When did they become invented? Did the neanderthalers had mailboxes in their caves? When did the Postal Services became so mixed in all of our lives that having a mailbox is somehow so essential that without it you are non-existent to the country you live in?

And so what you would expect is that “the mailbox” is a concept in itself. And also that there exist a wide variety of mailboxes and that even some mailboxes will tell something about the owner (either the company or the person). It’s a business on it’s own.

So…which one do YOU have? For me, A boring little rectangle hole in my door…sigh… Time to look for something special! What is the “rolex”, the “Weber” or the “rolls royce” under the mailboxes? What would be “me”?

So (ofcourse) I went to the Mailbox Exchange since they have over 1500 mailboxes and curbside decor products from dozens of manufacturers. I scrolled through the many mailboxes on the site since I was thinking myself on placing one of these in our garden. The list is amazing! To indicate to you on what I am talking about I will discuss some of the mailboxes.image

The one you see on the left is called the Curbvault High Security box. Holy cow… this is the most coolest mailboxes I have ever seen in my life. When you click the link you get to see the movie(!). There are 32 patents on this mailbox and this thing absolutely 100% secures your e-mail mail from the moment that it is delivered to you, it is undestructable! How jealous can I make someone when this beast is in my garden? Will the postman pray to me when he walks by? Will he be happy and have a smile when he starts his day because he has a chance to operate the Curbvault High Security box?

The one to the top right is the Mayne & Salsbury Black Signature Plus Mailbox which is very nice because you combine it with flowers! On the page there is a nice instruction on how to “plant” it in your garden. I think this is a very very nice mailbox for in the front garden. It just blends in with the flowers.

Herunder are some more options I thought about, under each picture of the mailboxes I placed the link to the productpage on which you can find much more background information. 












And some more I was thinking about since they are SO beautiful:













Well…I am not finished with my selection, if you are looking for some nice models or ideas for your own place then check the mailbox exchange like I did.

The Dutch Marvel Comic Database

image Because it is my holiday I decided to clean up my Bookshelves and start by re-ordering my comics. Piles of dutch JuniorPress comics surrounded me and I was wondering if I could restart an old digital project.

Years ago ( before 1999) I created the Dutch NL Comic Database, but when it reached a couple of thousands of comics there was no more room to place it on geocities (I had only had 10mb) so I quietly disbanded the project. Apart from that I also wrote an offline comic database system in Clipper for exactly the same purpose. Because I wanted something to collaborate on and there were no wiki’s yet I invented the NEDCOM interchange format in which comic collection database could import and export their data. I had some realy interesting friends in the dutch comic community back then.

image So now I was busy reading through my “Verdedigers” issues I was wondering if I could start a wiki and do the collaboration again on creating a shared comic database (this has been on my mind for years actually). The not so handy thing about a wiki with this kind of database however is that there are many N:M relations. E.g. 1 american comic could show up in multiple dutch comics and 1 dutch comic could hold many americ comics or even parts of it. Also with a wiki it’s much harder generating lists of comics you hold yourself.

Then again there are also many advantages. It is an easy way for many people to contribute and it’s a simple format, just text, which makes it easy searchable. In time more advanced queries will have to be based on other code I guess.

Anyway, after some Googling I found the nl marveldatabase, which started in November 2006, which is about the same thing I wanted to setup. Apparently it’s part of a bigger english version, which already holds more than 22.000 articles.

One thing I find doubtful are the ads on the side, I have to investigate where the money it generates goes to, if it’s not purely for hosting I will setup my own Wiki. But for now I have made my first contribution: “de Verdediger #1” !

Links for 2007-06-26

voorbeeld-balk-over.gif (GIF-afbeelding, 1012×777 pixels)
web-log, the biggest dutch weblog community gets a page WIDE advertising banner at the top of the page (77 pix high).

tvfreeload.com – hundreds of free downloads for your favourite tv shows-lost, prison break, greys anatomy, and more – Episode 23 – Through The Looking Glass, Part 2

Comic Book Archive file – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul sings Nessun Dorma

A quite nerdy nervous GSM salesman participates in a talentshow in England. They guy, Paul Potts look like he didn’t make a chance to become “Brittain’s Supertalent”. When he first arrives during audition he even announces he wants to sing opera…

And if you saw the above performance for this first time, then you are curious to the semi-finals, which I included below:

And the finals:

And so Paul Potts wins:





21 July 2007: Harry Potter 7!


On 21 july 2007 we will see a massive event again: the 7th book in the Harry Potter range will appear.

The books have had a big impact on our culture and made the author, J.K. Rowling, a billionaire, the wealthiest author ever, wealthier than Queen Elizabeth II. The books have sold more then 325 copies and have been translated in more than 63 languages and have reached every corner of society.

Whatever your opinion of the books is, it is a fact that it has had a massive impact and belongs to the very small set of books that have reached a massive world audience. And because of these factors it not only has gotten reviews and prices but also brought social controversy since it began to became a common meme. When your grand-grandchildren will talk about you, they will say that you lived in the time when the Harry Potter books were written!

And now… the last and final book comes along and will be going live on the 21st of july. What a massive event this will be! Already the 7th book has had more than 500.000 copies pre-ordered,more orders have been placed for this book than for any other in history! The author will finally reveal which person dies in the 7th and last book. And because it is the last book every secret will be revealed and every storyline will be ended.

You can (and probably should) pre-order your copy on the Harry Potter 7th book site: the deatly shallows dot net. If you purchase the book via this site you participate in the goal of collecting 1 million dollars for charity and win $500 if you predict the ending of Harry Potter 7. If you want to talk along on the subject with the rest of the planet, your friends and family, then you need the book!

image There are some things we know for a fact will take place in Deathly Hallows. For one, we will find out how Hogwarts responds after the attack. Questions that remain about Hogwarts are “Will it reopen?

Izabael’s Pin-up Pictures

image Via the LoundLaunch campaign reviews I stumbled upon Izabael’s pin-up pictures, the webpage of the beautiful Izabael. She is the bastard offspring of a Goetic daemon named Seere and starry goddess of the night sky, Nuith. On here pinup pages you can see what a gorgeous pin-up model she is. I went out on an investigation to find out who Izabael is via her myspace pages I found out she’s got an interesting FAQ and you can meet her in real live on coming Comic Book and Sci-Fi Conventions.

After reading her FAQ I became even more interested. If you wonder what Izabael is: “Izabael is a spirit, genie, daemon, or hidden aspect of the subconscious–depending on one’s belief system