this Blog on an iPhone

image I have installed the iPhone Plugin for WordPress. But uh… I don’t have an iPhone, can someone with an iPhone tell me how this weblog looks like on Safari/iPhone?

On the other hand…surely there must be either an emulator or a browser string I can send to my site. First let’s download Safari beta 3. And then (google-the-google) try

Aha…this site looks crap on an iPhone :) Let’s see what I can do about that.

tiktiktik tik tik tik, copy… paste… tik tik tik…



Today is 07-07-07, an and apart from the big concert, the housewarming party of Raymond and Marielle, I need to make pictures for the flickr 07-07-07 group, with the tag “07_07_07″! … Continue reading →