this Blog on an iPhone

image I have installed the iPhone Plugin for WordPress. But uh… I don’t have an iPhone, can someone with an iPhone tell me how this weblog looks like on Safari/iPhone?

On the other hand…surely there must be either an emulator or a browser string I can send to my site. First let’s download Safari beta 3. And then (google-the-google) try

Aha…this site looks crap on an iPhone :) Let’s see what I can do about that.

tiktiktik tik tik tik, copy… paste… tik tik tik…


07-07-07 Pictures 1

image Maarten always watches  (the same DVD of) the TeleTubbies in the morning. He points to his chair where a sticker of the TeleTubbies is placed, then says “TeTe” and walks to the remote control and points his finger to it while looking at us all excited. Even though I’m getting mentally disturbed by just hearing these irritating “uh oh”‘s yet again.

When we then start the DVD he goes all wild and dances around the floor in the morning.

image image