Free PDF Creator tool with Creative Commons addition: goes directly into my essential software collection!

Whenever I need to create a PDF document I always am in a state of “quickly search for a PDF converter tool”. It’s because I regularly reinstall my PC and a PDF converter is just not one of the core things I install right away.

Lately I’ve been using PDF995, I’ve tried other ones but in some cases they screw up parts of my make-up of content, not showing particular fonts or weirdly enlarging other bits (including Adobe’s own). PDF995 does not have this problem but it has this nagging screen which is a little annoyance and it’s a 2 step install. It’s also the utility I hear mostly around me when we discuss the topic. And yes, I have tried a zillion the past years.


Now I found the CC PDF Converter, which is a little free open source utility which let’s me print to PDF from whatever application and as a bonus: has a screen to include Creative Commons licenses to the PDF, which actually is a nice goodie if you come to think about it. Whenever you have PDF’s floating over the Internet it would be nice to somehow include a license along with it.

I downloaded it and tried it with some “difficult” documents, which means that they do not show up corretly in some open source, shareware or buyware programs. And… it looks great! So here it is, a little (7mb download) utility, just one installer, no nagging screens, open source,

This is also a nice one for the laptop of my wife. I now installed PDF995 at her laptop but the screens popping up after she has to “choose another printer” are quite confusing, so … I’m going for CC PDF Converter now.

Here are some screenshots from the utility.


- You just choose to print to CC PDF Converter just like the other PDF Converters.
- It has the option to print multiple pages per sheet, which is very handy!
- Under advanced you can select the pagesize, scaling of graphics.
- You can also choose whether to open the PDF file after it has printed it, which is something I really think is very very nice, sometimes you want that to open and sometimes, when a novice user is using it (kuch) you don’t want to confuse him/her with a screen popping up
- You can choose what to do with TrueType fonts e.g. download them as softfont

image - You can choose whether to include a license or not
- You can choose between Creative Commons, Sampling or Public Domain
- When you choose Creative Commons you get the Wizard which asks you the relevant CC questions, after which it will be included, if you choose one of the other licensing types you get another wizard.
The movie shows you the action!

So… I will put this one in my essential tools collection, next to Total Commander and Irfanview, If you want it too : Download it here!

My has more than 1 million visitors


My has had more than 1.000.000 visitors so it appeared in the Startpagina new section. great!

I started the concept when I was in university and had my own online cv. After some while I placed some cv’s of friends and so it naturally grew into a site fit for

The basic ideas behind the page are:

  • To give some good examples of CV’s, e.g. which paragraphs they use and which verbs.
  • To compare yourself with people from your own birthyear. That’s why I grouped them by year. This has been a question from some users: if I could add the option to put people in categories.The answer is yes for the long-term, but it takes quite some effort to keep these pages up2date which I currently don’t have, so the answer is no for the short-term.

image CV’s get quite some attention. Actually the site has much less visitors than before so on average a cv gets currently on average about 50 clicks a month. That may sound as not much but if you see the amount of links on the page that’s still quite something.

The informational links get much more clicks. A link like “CV Opstellen” gets about 2800 clicks a month! (too bad they don’t link back to me, maybe I should e-mail them about that sometime).

In total the PR5 page gets about 2000 visitors a week. This used to be much more, but something googletie-thing has gone wrong and I don’t have the time to focus on promoting the site or working out some ideas around it somewhat more.

I also get a lot of request from headhunting companies, jobsites, etc… to be placed on the page but I, most of the time, send them an e-mail that this is not the topic of the website. Only if they are nice or somehow if I am in a good mood I place these kind of sites.

Commercially seen I don’t make money with the site although it would seem so at first sight. The only profit I make is from the top right banner. This company send me the books for free if I would place their banner there for a year. The past month I placed a link to the gouden gids via a company which is an intermediair for lots of startpagina pages. Maybe I should focus some more on selling link spots. I am allowed to sell 15 paid links for the page but have not done so so far. Basically I’m too busy with other things.

I was also thinking of starting a seperate blog on curriculum vitae information (in Dutch) e.g. to use “Persoonlijke gegevens” or “Personalia” or to indicate common mistakes like using “Burgelijke stand” instead of “Burgerlijke stand”. So that’s on my long todo list of future projects…