Tagging in WordPress 2.3

I was on the verge of installing one of the tagging plugins again, just to make it easier to find posts. However the upcoming WordPress 2.3 will … include it!

 It is scheduled for September the 20th of 2007, pretty cool.

p.s. I added

<Files xmlrpc.php>
SecFilterInheritance Off

To my htaccess to see if this would resolve my Windows Livee Writer to WordPress xmlrpc.php error… PUBLISH. NOPE.
The search goes on…

What to install on a new laptop

Today I exchanged my old notebook for a brand new (empty) dual core notebook. I don’t have much time actually to fiddle around with it since I’m in the middle of two project so I really need my essential stuff and I only have this evening. I want all my essential programs back and the documents. So this evening: instead of processing the 200+ e-mails in my gmail I will need to get this laptop ready to work on.

So here is a quick roundup in case you are interested to compare it with your own essentials installation:

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What would grandpa and grandma think of us?


What would grandpa Omo and grandma Omo think of us?

From 200.000 years ago to 80.000 years ago we, humanity were a little tribe in Ethopia. Then we spread the world and our black color faded because we adjusted to our new environments.

Around 30.000 years ago we entered Europa and this part of the family became Cro Magnons and only 15.000 years ago this part of the family conquered Europe after it uncovered from the Ice. Around 500 years ago some members of this part of the family migrated to the Northern Part of the American continent, and some of those are pictured in the bottom part of the picture above, above them are 2 of our relatives from the part of the family that have a cleaner DNA profile without the mutations.

The past 30.000 years were less than the blink of an eye when looking at the age of the Earth (and the time other species have ruled the planet). It’s therefore shocking to realize the enormous mess, hatred and even killing in our own family within this short timeline.

image I’m glad our greatgrandfather and mother are not alive today to see this and I really hope there is no afterlife where we, their children will meet them to explain what the reasons were we went for killing each other.

I know they would start crying.

I’m a social network gypsy

image I’m sort of a social network gypsy This could be the title of a song but it’s the best way to describe my behaviour on the social net. I travel from social environment to social environment and every week my focus lies in another area.

I wonder if more end-users fall into this category?

I tend to stay a week or two very active on a forum / social network / mailinglist / blog / community, create my profile, chat a bit, do something useful for the community and then tend to move on to shift my eye of sauron to another place. Usually I am triggered to visit a place because I read about it somewhere, found some old bookmarks or just googled on related questions in my mind and find some really useful communities.

image The bad thing about this behaviour is that my e-mail box grows with reminders and invites and updates, my passwords list become infinite and my time slowly grows to minus 24 hours availability. The good thing is that I meet quite some interesting people, read a lot and keep up2date with the latest buzz.

In my mind is now to set up a social network gypsy community. A sort of AA for all those web2.0 travellers who can share their stories with one another. It’s like the tavern where the party settles for a moment after a long quest and finds new quests to accept solely or with some heroes found in the tavern.

Open Source Stickers

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Via Blèr I found a link to the fantastic Free Software Sticker Book. You can print the sticker images file and then just paste it over the “Windows XP” sticker on your desktop or laptop or anywhere you like.

It is an open project so if you have any good ideas for additional stickers you can send them to stickers@pikao.org.

If I have time I will create some additional stickers with Xara, the 3.2 CD finally arrived yesterday in the snailmail.

The "add-to-Wiki button"

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More and more end-users, like we, are running a home wiki. In this home wiki we store all kinds of information that is useful for our household.

For example: an annoted list of our devices, an inventory, addresses, a list of plants that are in the garden, information on all our financial products, recipes, a list of our CD’s, interesting websites, etc…

image We were thinking that it would be extremely handy if there would exists an “add to wiki” button on webpages. So, that if you find a certain recipe on a webpage that it will add that recipe automatically to your home wiki. Or… if you buy a new garden plant that you could automatically add the information on it in your home wiki.

A blogposting like this is far to small for achieving a gigantic thing like that, we not only need to overcome many difficult technical issues but also would need a standardization effort, both technical and procedural, backed by a lot of people.

But, as with al things, planting the seeds first is something that is required for growing a forest. You will hear more about this plan in the coming weeks.