Numpa is vernieuwd

Numpa, de Nederlandse Twitter, was de afgelopen maanden nog ‘in beta-versie’ online, maar is nu volwassen! Sinds begin deze week is Numpa 1.0 live, en fors vernieuwd ten opzichte van de beta-versie.

Zo kent Numpa nu channels, waarbinnen mensen met een gemeenschappelijke interesse (koken, film, politiek, design, etc.) elkaar treffen. Ook kunnen gebruikers zelf channels aanmaken; open toegankelijk voor alle ge

Zeitgeist: The Movie

The biggest buzz around a free online movie today… : ZEITGEIST.

“What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve have in common? ”

It’s an interesting movie which combines various “underground” streams which are conquering the Internet on the moment for on of the first time. So.. well.. you have to see it. It’s fascinating.

Read more background on DIGG, JREF Foundation Forum, Boing Boing, and millions more of blogs.

in Torrent files or google video

Selleband: buy stock in new bands

image While surfing Amiestreet I also discovered another interesting music site: Sellaband. The concept: try free music until you find a band you really believe in.

Each of the bands needs to sell 5000 so called parts, these are $10 each. When they succeed in selling 5000 parts they can go to the record studio and record an actual album and become famous :)

But for us, the believers, it doesnt stop there. When the band reaches this level you get the cd send to your house AND All advertising revenues generated via SellaBand will be shared equally between the SellaBand Recording Artists, their Believers and SellaBand AND As a Believer in a SellaBand Recording Artist, you have the right to open your own Shop on SellaBand and sell the related products from your Artist. For every purchase that is made through your Shop you will earn a special commission.

So to continue my previous drift I bought a $10 part in SolidTube. So OBVIOUSLY I would like you to also buy shares in this band, here’s the banner to click:

In the meanwhile I also found out how the RECommending work in Amiestreet: for every REC you gain a proportional amount of money whenever the song you RECommended reaches $0.98, on my profile you see the recommendings I made thusfar.

First album I bought on Amiestreet: Solid Tube’s For God Sake

imageSo, after dwelling some time through the musical experience of Amiestreet, I decided to go for my first buy: the album “For God’s Sake” from Solid Tube. I only just discovered them here but the music sounds fantastic.

Actually it didn’t cost me anything. I found a code “forteller” to use for Amiestreet which gave me 5 free recs and $1 dollar in cash. Ah…hmmm in my zip download are only songs 02, 03, 04 and 05… ah… I didnt have enough credit…hmm… let me stash it somewhat to order the remaining two songs…

If you drop by the group’s page, check out the songs, a great interesting mix between country, rock, blues and soul with a powerful female voice.

Here are some more links to Solid Tube, since I’ve know “fanned” it:

Let me see how these AmieStreet REC’s work now.

Amie St: social music shopping which… works


When I read on TechCrunch about AmieStreet, the new social music site, I decided to take a look and I wish I hadn’t because it hooked me for quite some time.

The trick they apply is dynamic pricing: all songs start free and as soon as they become more popular they also gain in price. Simple idea but works out great.

Another thing that gets you enslaved: you can preview all songs for free without registering… meaning… you dive in and are on an immediate musical quest for your favorite songs.

Shit… It got me hooked grmbl… here’s what I liked the last hour:

image image image
Thumbellina’s One night stand by Melissa McClelland Charlie A’Court – I liked his interpretation of “I’ve got dreams…” very much, made me sing along. Lee Rogers – somehow it sounds immediately familiar to me, lot’s of influences: Don Henley, James Tayler, Bruce Springsteen, etc…

So why does it work? I think because you actually discover tracks and artists and just because you discover them and make them popular it uhm works. Discovering, like stumbling helps you remember the artists and bind with their music.

Captain America. Rest in Peace.

The Death of Captain America represents the Death of the America we once knew, the land of honor, dreams and a fight for truth, equality and justice throughout the world. This legend and the soul along with it has now died.

Captain America, rest in peace.