KWERO: the Dutch Yahoo Answers but addictive as hell

image Kwero is the dutch Yahoo Answers, which recently started.

It has several categories like the english questions variants and somehow brings along the same addictiveness of both answering questions and responding to questions.

On a Question on Sonja Bakker, I quoted this fabulous quote (only understandable for Dutch persons): “Sonja Bakker is een gewichtconsulent, ze heeft een cursus bij de LOI gedaan. Diëtisten zijn vier jaar in opleiding.” :)

If you have knowledge on some area, visit it and help some people out, you can win some neat money prices by answering questions. for sale

I have put for sale. I have some additional ideas for the site, primarily adding more subdomains per topic and letting interested users maintain their own link directories, along with social bookmarking possibilities. Favicons should be placed for every link and it should contain just the high quality links.

Unfortunately I do not have time to add all this code, I would want to do it because I think it will be a popular site (once 38000 in Alexa) but I simply have too many projects apart from my job in parallel.

So to give the site a chance to grow it is for sale for $9999.

It has a PR5, AlexaRank 70000-200000, 174 entries in google, 53 entries in and has about 50000 visitors a month.

Theoretically you could earn quite some income with this site:

If you have a CTR of 1% you should have 500 clicks a month per ad per topic page, which is about $100. So by having on average 3 ads per topic-page and adding about 100  topics you should earn $3000 per month.

That’s why I think the price of $9999 (the maximum amount you can donate to my PayPal, which is the reason) is not so bad, since you have the possibility of making $36000 a year with just 100 topics.

I have put it for sale on SEDO, since this is the main site I know where I can place it for sale. You can however, give me a private message if you are interested.

Backblogging: Blogging in Reverse

I have started backblogging. For now I have the idea to stick with my life, so I blogged the date 16-06-1971, the day I was born, however I might start blogging further back in time. Coming up: the school pictures which I pasted in schoolbank in a chronological order.

:idea: 1: I was also thinking on integrating weblog and genealogy. So to blog each event in my genealogy back to 1500. It would interesting to read the blog and read about the events happening in my family bloodline for the past 500 years in a blogging style.

:idea: 2: I was also thinking on capturing the complete history in Blogging format. It would be nice to have a) some kind of synchronization with wikipedia and b) to make this a group effort. It should be written, I think, in life-blogging style to really give the reader the feeling he gets an actual report on what happened on that day e.g. not “The Battle of Waterloo, fought on 18 June 1815, was Napoleon Bonaparte’s last battle.” but “Today Napoleon Bonaparte fought his last battle. It will be called the Battle of Waterloo in the coming years”.

A WordPress based Link Directory

:idea: I have lying around for some time. I was planning to put yet another SEO blog on it but I really don’t have the time to manage yet another weblog.

So I downloaded one of the free directory scripts and placed it there. But somehow I don’t like this. What I would like is to have all links that ever appeared in one of the 8000 blogpostings on this website in a non-yahoo style layout nicely categorized. A sort of automatic WordPress to LinkDirectory converter possibly in some kind of layout, so by grabbing the favicon of the page automatically.

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My problem with looking into people’s eyes

Today a short documentary was shown of a famous autist Daniel Tamett. During the remarkable interview with the man who can learn a new language in a week one thing stroke me: he said that he had great trouble looking people in the eyes.

I have this “problem” also. I don’t think I have ever told anyone. So, since I’m getting older and need to be less ashamed of not being cool… let’s write it down.

It’s not to an extent where I meet with someone face to face. I know I have to look people in the eyes and I do this without much troubles and probably just like you I move my eyes to the right or left when I need to think things over since staring in someone’s eyes somehow distracts me from my thinking. And probably just like you sometimes in some situations it’s harder to look someone more dominant in the eyes and we can use tricks like staring to someone’s forehead or just be every active in your line of thought. And yes I have had enough “life or business enhancement” courses where the value of looking into someone’s eyes are discussed over and over again along with the list of tricks.

However, this is not my problem. I have trouble looking into someone’s eyes when I’m in a room full of people and someone is talking to e.g. a classroom, in most cases I simply cannot stare the tutor in the eyes. Or even when I’m in a large hall with hundreds of people, all the way in the back: I can not look at the person who is talking to the hundreds of people. Somehow it’s not possible for me. When I try to look it feels like I’m putting my eyes in a flame, I have to retract and look at something else, how impolite that may seem. Logically it’s totally ridiculous because the person who is in front of the audience probably doesn’t even notice me.

I remember the talk Daniel Denett gave in Nijmegen, I thought it was when the academic year was opened. I knew it would be a bad thing for me to go there since it would probably happen again, but I really wanted to see him especially since I studied Cognitive Science. There were hundreds of people present and I decided to sit even behind the last row, because maybe it would be possible for me to take a glance at him. But somehow I didn’t succeed. I sat there but just couldn’t look.

In classrooms, because they are more intimite, I have discovered that it depends on the person who is talking to the room. I noticed during the years that I’m very sensitive to words. If the tutor is using words which are somehow are associated with controversial themes that would touch me personally I suddenly loose the flow and I’m just staring at my desk, drawing lines or something (or just pretending to make notes). It’s really impossible for me to look. It also made it hard for me to follow some courses with a smaller set of students since it is really weird when the teacher tells something important, 5 students are looking very interested at what he is saying and me, just staring at my desk as if I would be totally uninterested while the opposite is the truth.

It probably has to do with with the primitive hard-wired coding of one of the usages of our eyes: 2 apes staring at each other, where the dominant ape stares the longest and the losing ape turns his eyes away. But then again, even when I can give a logical explanation on why it happens. “the dominant ape effect”, it’s impossible for me to look.

Strange isn’t it?

I have however during the years learned some tricks: One of them is preparing very well for a class or a conference, even to a madman’s extent: finding out the bio of the teacher, the background and to prepare for the story (Google is a life saver). Maybe it’s a sort of trick to find some weak spots and making myself stronger to oppose to the dominance, just preparing very well. Another is really diving into each line the person says and thinking of it like mad in multiple threads at the same time, as if I need to build a complex brain flow very quickly so my brain is so busy it overrules the primitive eye-to-eye contact. It has however the downside that I may seem to be in some kind of other world when a question is asked, but I learned to look dumb during the years so the effect is less.

It’s weird stuff I wonder if there are any other humans on this earth who can be in a room with hundreds of people, all the way in the back, and still can not look at the speaker or that I’m a specific one of a kind fool.

Let’s see if I can elaborate on myself some more in the following blog years, to see if I can get to know myself somewhat better.

Links for 2007-09-27

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Viva Caligula – topclass flash game

image Ok guys, this game about the emporer Caligula is pretty much the most stress relieving game around.

Basically you get to slaughter anything alive and not alive!

You wander about all parts of ancient rome through different connected sets of maps and have the chance to collect weapons which can be used with the accompanying  letter on the keyboard. The weapons you get are awesome like a giant lion or the zampogna of death (though personally I like to burn everyone  to death *grin*).

Once you have collected all 26 weapons you are off to the palace and boy, you get an enormous surprise (which is worth it) (and takes about an hour playing time).

good luck!