Links for 2007-09-27

“How do I use Telnet or SSH to access my site?” – DreamHost Knowledge Base
The === Concise guide to Passwordless Authentication for Windows users ===, very handy to setup the ssh connection to dreamhost!

The mother of all CSS menu lists, tutorials and generators » Heal Your Church WebSite

OPEN SOURCE GOD: 480+ Open Source Applications

Virtual Hosting Blog » 100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images
100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images

Flickr Foldr Monitr –
Very handy: monitors a folder on your pc and then uploads the files to flickr when new photos are added.

Stripe Generator – ajax diagonal stripes background designer
terrific stripe generator

Viva Caligula – topclass flash game

image Ok guys, this game about the emporer Caligula is pretty much the most stress relieving game around.

Basically you get to slaughter anything alive and not alive!

You wander about all parts of ancient rome through different connected sets of maps and have the chance to collect weapons which can be used with the accompanying  letter on the keyboard. The weapons you get are awesome like a giant lion or the zampogna of death (though personally I like to burn everyone  to death *grin*).

Once you have collected all 26 weapons you are off to the palace and boy, you get an enormous surprise (which is worth it) (and takes about an hour playing time).

good luck!

Addressbook part 7 – also an agenda

imageAn example of the extensibility of the idea is shown to the left:

Simply by creating directories containing the years, months or dates (or any combination e.g. quarters, you can create any directory structure up to any level you want…it’s your harddisk :)) you can create an agenda which you can maintain via notepad or vi…

Another advantage is that you can reuse the field plugins in the info.txt files in the folders e.g. a “date.meeting” will be handled by the same plugin. You can add any fields you want  to the days.

Another advantage is that you can copy files in the folders of the e.g. days so you can keep track of the stuff you produce on a day in a date order if that’s of any use and later browse or report on it by simply copying the files in the correct directory e.g. 2007/Januari/15!

You could also create “work agenda” and “private agenda” directory and then let different report plugins handle either the combined dates or the dates of the seperate directory structures.

Simple isn’t it?

You can even drag contacts on a date and then let a directory-handler plugin determine if e.g. the plugin should be added to this date e.g. for a meeting and then popup a dialog.

The last idea makes me rethink the single directory tree structure. Maybe a split screen is handier or a screen where a tree structure is shown in the left and then 2 windows side-by-side for copy and paste actions (like in Total Commander).