Download Three New Blog Buttons for free

I made some new buttons for this weblog, among others one for the RSS feed, one for Technorati and one for Linkedin. I thought that maybe someone might like them (for your blogs), so I’ve put them in this post. You can use them for free (just use your rightmousebutton on the image, "save image as" and save it to your PC, then upload it to your bloghost) (please do not link them directly from here). I included bitmap copies for a black layout and for a white layout.

I’ve created them fairly quickly using Xara. Just a rounded rectangle, then beveled it a little bit. Then a simple 3 point fill and then just the white parts for the content. For the shadow a simple copy, reverse and then sliced it with a singe line and added a little transparacy, then I resized all "shadows" to about 20 pix so you can place them next to each other and they will all be the same size.

For on a White Template:

buttonlinkedwhite buttonrsswhite buttontechnoratiwhite

For a on a Black template:

buttonlinkedinblack buttonrssblack buttontechnoratiblack


If you need some other buttons or have other questions, just leave me a comment and It will enter my queue!

One thing that is on my mind is if it is possible to make a sort of "button flip" (like the one in iTunes) to the bottom right corner. I have found a Flash script that actually does this,  but it’s $60…. I’m going to look further for an open source one, so stay "tuned".