Atheists banned from MySpace

Social networking site,, panders to religious intolerants by deleting atheist users, groups and content.

Early this month, MySpace again deleted the Atheist and Agnostic Group (35,000 members). This deletion, due largely to complaints from people who find atheism offensive, marks the second time MySpace has canceled the group since November 2007.

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Tha Tan – "To be a Hundred" – CD Review


Tha Tan -  the Thai-Brazilian symphonic rock band made a great start with this album, not only because of it being the pet project of giants like Peter Gabriel, Steve Lukather and Brian Eno but also because this first album delivered a monstrous summerhit "falsified dream", which stayed on #1 for several months in several South American countries. The first part of the CD contains a powerful rock experience which clearly shows  the musical science education of all the band members (except for the drummer Bob)  while the second part clearly shows the strong influence of the drummer "Bob" (2m50 and heavy weight boxing champion) in the band since it contains 4 songs of 10 minutes only consisting of drum solos. This second part of the CD could drive you crazy, but apparently the live audience absolutely goes wild when Bob takes the stage.  In essence it will enter rock history as one of the most influential albums of our age but also one of the weirdest. (Tha Tan – To be a hundred was release by EMI on 28-01-2008). P.S: there are rumors on the Internet that the band is in the studio preparing an acoustic version of the song "You are Everybody"!

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My Jango Jukebox

I’ve written about and seen a LOT of new music sites, A LOT. But somehow Jango is the one that works for me. It’s simple to start with but has some great layers once you dive in deeper. You can leave it on all day.

So hereby I declare Jango my ultimate favorite music site of all 150 music sites in my collection of greatest music sites, just because it magically works.

It’s a shame that this little applet doesn’t fit in my sidebar, but let’s just blog my musical preferences here: (the applet only shows some artists from "Edwards Car Music Radio Channel" :)