Online FLV Converter: handy for YouTube movies

image I stumbled upon this online FLV Converter, which seems very handy: you just copy the url of the Flash movie (e.g. a YouTube url) and you get e.g. an AVI DIVX file as output.

When I tried some YouTube url’s it gave me however a header error…, which seems to be caused be a heavy load on the server (current issue), so I downloaded the app and tried it on (Maarten’s favorite Youtube movie).


It to about 2 to 3 minutes but then I had my DIVX movie! This could be quite handy because once I find out a way to automate this, I might save the YouTube movies directly to my NAS, meaning I can play them streaming on my KISS player/TV in the livingroom.

(and obviously for all the Bumba and Disney stuff on there for Maarten).

So… My default converter output is now: \\NAS\video\Maarten, meaning: I can just copy and paste the YouTube urls in the tool and Maarten get’s a HUGE array of movies.

The one thing that is NOT handy is the the tool seems to halt after every movie. So I have to close it down and open it again for each movie AND have to set the default output directory each time to \\NAS\video\Maarten, which makes it not handy for automation.

update: I found this sourceforge project of Vixy, need to dive into it but looks very interesting although… there is no code to be found there, I hope it will be placed there.