The ultimate comment avatar plugin… does not exist (yet)

I tried a lot of avatar plugins. I have blogged about quite some in the past. I now read here about the idea of displaying a wavatar, monsterid or identicon in case the user has no Gravatar.

I think this idea should be extended a lot.

So this blogposting is a "placeholder" for a future plugin that would allow me to set my preferences for using any of the dozens of different avatar solutions, allows me to define an order of preference and which would also let me add my own avatars for users which I know and maybe let users decide themselves which avatar to show. Basically I want it to be an utterly complete plugin. All known avatar solutions should be in there, complete configurable by both the admin, contributors and commenters without any login, gravatar or favatar or openid or whatever, maybe to include a default list of icons that auto change to the last one choosen by that user based on his or hers e-mail address.

I’ve added a new tag to this blogposting "TODO", which means I can track things todo in the future, although I hope someone can build something like this first, would save me some time.