New Synology Disk Station Manager + More!!

Synology® Released Disk Station Manager 2.0 June Beta Which Features Extra Data Protection-Network Recycle Bin, and Download Enhancements

(May 29, 2008) Synology® today released the Disk Station Manager 2.0 June beta, featuring extra data protection, download enhancements and performance improvement, AFP performance improvement, extra IP camera models support, and others.

"There are chances that we delete files accidentally," said Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology, "we are delighted to provide users with an extra protection to their data by adding the Network Recycle Bin feature so they don’t have to worry about deleting files unintentionally."

The Network Recycle Bin works for all CIFS connections. The shared-folder level design ensures all deleted files are recoverable from the recycle bin folder. All deleted files are kept in their original file structure to offer an easy-to-search environment.

The Download Station enhancements include DHT support, 25% performance increase, BT encryption support, and flexible seeding rule settings. "The download performance enhancements imply a shorter time needed to download the same files," commented Rosiel Lee, product manager of the Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0, "this pushes the Green idea we have always kept in mind another step forward."

The DHT support allows trackerless torrents download. "It means you do not need to connect to a tracker in order to download, but connect to a distributed DHT Network to find other peers," explained Allen Kao, RD manager of Synology. "The upgraded Download Station also supports both TCP and UDP trackers, and Peer Exchange Protocol, all are for increasing the ability to find more peers when downloading." In addition, flexible seeding options are also available in this beta.

The new beta includes the following improvements:

  1. Extra Data Protection: The Network Recycle Bin ensures all deleted files are recoverable from the recycle bin folder. This function works for all CIFS connections.
  2. Enhanced BT Download: The DHT support, 25% download performance enhancement, BT encryption support, and seeding options are added.
  3. Enhanced AFP Performance: The AFP download performance is improved by a maximum of 89%, and upload 72%. The test results from the Synology lab is listed below:

    Model DS108j DS207+ DS508
    Max. Download Improvement 89% 21% 49%
    Max. Upload Improvement 10% 15% 72%
  4. Enhanced Photo Station 3: The performance of thumbnail browsing has been improved. The Google AdSense, calendar-based article browsing, and sticky articles are added to the blogging system.
  5. Enhanced Audio Station: The renovated AJAX drag-and-drop mechanism is added to the playlist management.
  6. Extra IP Cameras Support: 2 more IP cameras are now supported on Surveillance Station: Linksys WVC54GCA (Wireless interface available) and LevelOne FCS-0010.
  7. Integrated Telnet/SSH: Telnet and SSH terminal services are now configurable directly from the management UI.
  8. New Language Support: The Polish language is added to the Disk Station Manager 2.0, Synology Assistant, Synology Data Replicator 3, and Synology Download Redirector.
  9. Upgraded Apache: Apache is upgraded to 2.2.8.
  10. Upgraded PHP: PHP is upgraded to 5.2.6.


The beta is now available at