Lets stroll down Amie Street Again!

Amie Street is an innovate MusicShop Website where you can also earn money by writing RECommendations of music you believe in and by discovering and downloading new music. Apart from that it’s a highly addictive website where you can spend your life listening, downloading, buying and discovering music.


I haven’t been to Amie Street for some weeks. There are so many music sites out there that I simply don’t have the time to check them all for new music, but since I received $2 for free today in my inbox to buy some music I decided to stroll down Amie street again.image

I noticed that I had $26.80 in my account and 32 RECs, so the first thing I did was cash in on my RECs.

Jippie! I made some Street Credits and imageearned about a dollar :) If I would be more active I could probably earn a lot of money writing recommendations on the massive amount of new music that drops in but alas I don’t have the time for it. Still these micro payments are nice enough to encourage me to write some new reviews on some new music.

You can see that I only have 4 friends :( so if I you are a Amie Street member you can find me under "Cogmios" and add me so we can see each others reviews of new music, it might give me some interesting bands to look at and maybe you will like mine.

So… what did I buy?

imageimage  The EP "Only Live" from Andrea Hamilton. Andrea Hamilton doesn’t just make music; she sings her heart. Her honest and insightful lyrics soar, and her songs are soaked with bravery. Home grown and exceptionally independent, She took songwriting classes with writers from the Nashville Christian Music scene. Since then, Andrea’s songs have appeared on records by: Quality Vinyl, Small Boat Sinking, Impact, and Entry No. Five as well as her own, and placed in such films as The Pearl, Hashers and Have Love, Will Travel. Andrea is currently playing in LA and abroad, co-writing with brilliant minds like Kevin Fisher (award winning writer for Rascal Flats, Sara Evans and Uncle Cracker), RCA recording artist Leah Andreone, and Alan Waddington (live show producer for Gwen Stefani), and planning to release her new solo album in May 2008. I bought the 5 songs and wrote a REC for "It’ll be alright".


image The CD "The Pirate’s Gospel" from Alela Diane. "After 3 years of doing it all on my own, Portland’s Holocene Music offered to help me out, and in October of 2006, "The Pirate’s Gospel," was released in the US.  Its release in England, Australia, and most of Europe was staggered throughout 2007. For the past year, I have been traveling the endless roads of our lands.  I sit in a motel in North Carolina as I recall these paths now.  My things are mostly in boxes, silently waiting for me to return. A collection of Condor feathers and a dreamcatcher decorate my car, and make me feel at home where ever I am. These days, home is a place I visit from time to time.  I am begining to get used to this life away from my usual stillness, and am glad for the chance to see some of our world.". Also some good reviews on musicmeter and 3voor12.


image SantoGold with SantoGold – Good reviews all over the planet, 3voor12 favoriet, Paradiso review, Rolling Stone Artist to Watch, Björk invited her on tour; Mark Ronson recruited her to co-write a song for Lily Allen; Spank Rock regularly pulls her onstage; and M.I.A.’s producers Diplo and Switch volunteered to work on her wildly eclectic debut. "Santi has a wonderfully bizarre approach to melody and lyrics and has no care for conforming to mainstream guidelines," says Ronson. "I envy that."



Ok, I went back to Andrea Hamilton :) and also bought the CD "stronger than I seem", I really like the first track "Out of this Grave". I already played it a couple of times.




image The album "Paris cant have you" from Shannon Curtis. Check her myspace page. When she was 7, her piano teacher told her she played like a boy. Today, Shannon Curtis still kills her piano and delivers a vocal performance that is, in her signature style, intimate and powerful. The Los Angeles Times describes Shannon as "… a beautiful piano player who sounds like the love child of Fiona Apple and Norah Jones." Constant touring has been building Shannon a devoted following across the country – odds are good she’ll be in your neighborhood this spring. Visit Shannon’s MySpace (http://myspace.com/shannoncurtismusic) to get on the mailing list.



image On my wishlist for my next stroll will be the cd "100 Days, 100 Nights" from Shareon Stone & the DAP Kings (can’t process to much new music :)).