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Doodle of the day! p.s. I downloaded Tiddlywiki and it has become after just 1 day the most important tool in my life!  (oh life oh life). I’m now managing my complete life from 1 html page on my U3 USB stick… all my todo things, ideas, projects, journal, contacts, bookmarks,etc… etc… this was exactly what I was looking for for all this time. (if you download it check also the over 400 plugins, macros and themes).

Looking for cartridges for The Fisher Price Movie Viewer 460

imageMy mother gave my son my Fisher Price Movie Viewer that I had as a kid. He likes it very much. He doesn’t understand the  concept completely but he is fascinated by the machine. In turn we have to look into it.


We have only one cartridge with it: Flight into space. According to “the internet” it’s one of a long list of cartridges that were once available. They have no market value. A movie viewer with 8 cartridges sells for $11 on ebay. Although someone in the Netherlands tries to sell the viewer for € 30.

On here you can find the complete list of cartridges that are known to have been available.

So… if you have these cartridges laying around or see some for sale on the Internet, then please contact me since I want to collect them all for my kid. Here are some I am looking for:

image image image image image image image image image

500.000.000 years of evolution in 5 minutes

There are countless movies on the Internet which show us the transition in animation form. I’ve posted some before. But this one I found on the website of fantastich! (whose book I still havent read completely) is for now, the best.

If you want to blog on this one further, the wikipedia timeline page should give you your own original hook on it.

SU Plugin update

The WordPress StumbleUpon plugin displays if a link has been stumbled. It can also display how many reviews it has in the RSS feed of the SU page of the link.

You can download it here:

As I have explained in my last blogposting I need to do something about the stumble upon plugin. It takes up 55% of all traffic to my little spot on the Grid.


Some people would like 120.000 requests but I don’t. Even with the caching it’s not programmed that smartly I think. I am thinking to complete change it. Instead of making requests to my own server maybe I could use the WordPress build-in /wp-includes/class-snoopy.php and /wp-includes/rss.php (which is simply magpie). Actually this was in one of my first versions but I forgot why I dropped it or even where these older sources are…..

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It itches again … lets do a new Blog WordPress Design

image Once in a while it itches again and I look at my blog and really hate it. That time has come again. So I’m planning a new design. I’m sketching some of the ideas.

width – I’m going to change the width. It’s now based on a width so that it fits on smaller screens like the laptop of my wife :) But since my wife now has a new widescreen laptop :) :) I’m go to use more of the width available. The normal posting has a width of 750 pixels. The sidebar has a width of 230 pixels but I’m going to enlarge to sidebar to 500 pixels. Including some margins that will mean that some people are going to scroll, since I’m no longer going for completely fluid. I want the sidebar to always be “a sidebar” and not drop to the bottom

main menu -  I’m going to out-phase the family look. Basically the  sites/blog of my wife and son are never updated (no time) so that’s no use. The cat will also drop out but I will keep their subdomains. I don’t know yet how I will style the main menu but since I want to include a lot of more stuff in there it will remain a pulldown menu.

postingboxes – the posting boxes will remain white since that is good for photos with transparancy. They still need to be 750 pixels since I don’t want to walk through 8500 postings to check if all look good. I want to change the header. Maybe I’m going to make the subtitle again with the date. The bottom of posts is also going to change, I’m going to add again some social bookmark tiny buttons including “e-mail this” since I read that this is used in 50% of the cases. I will change the way the comments line looks (again) and I will add for some tags a special banner. These are the tags which have gotten a special about page.

comments – comments will go to the right, since I have the intuitive feeling that a reader likes that much more and it feels much more community oriented. The comments will go on top and the entry form goes below.

widgets – widgets will remain on the main blog pages but I’m not sure if they will remain on the single pages, the tag pages or the “pages” pages.

footer – some of the items currently in the menu will go again to the footer, which I removed in the previous change. I hate footers. But people might expect a footer with some general cliche links.

tag pages – I’m going to extend the concept of the tag pages. Each will get a longer smaller banner all the way across the screen instead of a big bulky banner (e.g. see They will also get a micro banner which will be used underneath postings instead of the “text”. Each tag page will have its own link directory and will have it’s own mini community. This will need some custom php coding since I want to reuse code as much as possible, so it will heavy include “generic code”. It will also have its own RSS icon, etc…

front page – I read that the front page should be totally different thatn the look and feel of the rest of the site, so I will try to design a good front-page. I want to list all tag pages on there and some generic info about “me”, not to be egocentric but uhm… this is my blog.

single pages – as said single pages will have comments on the right, top and under there some specific widgets. The meta data will be placed elsewhere, the “related pages” will probably go away since I think noone ever clicks it and it only clutters the postings

advertising – Google ads will remain in there since they provide me with (a little) money. Which I see as interesting for this blog to cover the costs but not as “main purpose”.

second menu – the second menu will contain the search, rss feed (s), page navbar and stuff like that.

performance – the site is slow but I think this has to do with the fact that most of the traffic is going in my stumbleupon plugin for WordPress which takes an enormous amount of requests each day. I need to find a solution for that or just host that thing elsewhere, this will be my primary objective.

sidebar – the sidebar will both contain a single column (e.g. comments) as well as a double column (e.g. widgets and stuff).

dutch / english – Im thinking of splitting the blog in an english part and a dutch part however it seems most logical to do this based on tags. Since I probably not going to work backwards on 8500 postings. Are they dutch or english?

and some more – And ofcourse there are some more ideas on changing the design which I will discuss later. (Also fix some bugs like the “404” screen.

STOP using plastic bags!!!!!

I heard a couple of times about it but the coin never dropped completely in my brain. It’s about the dazzling impact of plastic bags on our environment. Basically I did not care about it because I didn’t realize how big the problem really is.

This presentation however opened my eyes about 5 minutes ago.

1 trillion (!) plastic bags are used every year…. and where do they go?


What a  kind of dirty beings are we, we are unbelievable polluting our house. Its just … repulsive.

I’m going to change this for our household. From now on I will refuse any plastic bags anywhere. When they ask me if I want a plastic bag I will tell them “no we should really use less plastic bags”. For our groceries we will use the cloth shopping bags.

If you are still unaware watch this.



Stopping to use plastic bags will not hurt anything in your household and you will become a little less polluter.

Seeing the impact this has on our environment, this is much worse than smoking (which only kills yourself) so why is this not banned from supermarkets?