Bali: the ideal Catan CardGame spot

imageYesterday Esmee discovered the ideal Catan Card Game spot in the villa.

We used to play this sometimes in a hotel in Cuba but it is annoying to have people keep watching what you are doing AND the small hotel tables are generally not large enough for the "full street" :) So here we are, Maarten in bed, and all the time to have a large Catan Card Game Fight under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee and a tea.

The someone who filled the iPod playing the music in the place has a very good taste. A large array of Jazz legends play at the background while we torture or brains with new strategies and of course having the nightly view over the ocean at the front side.

I love this place.

Bali: the pool is still nice!


Update: we are still more than enjoying our stay in Insulinde Beachvilla. Relaxing, taking more than 2 gig of pictures of the same environment of which one of them is above.

Maarten had a little bit problems with his stomach yesterday but he was running and babbling around like always today again.

“pappa?", "ja", "morgen dolfijnen kijken!", "ja", "met de  boot!", "ja", "op de zee!", "ja", "pappa?", "ja", "morgen dolfijnen kijken", "ja", "en dan heeel veel dolfijnen, een, twee, zes, tien, heeeel veel", "ja",

Tomorrow we are going to watch dolfins at sea at about 06:00 so we have to go to bed early.

Bali 6 : Swimming and Internetting


During our past vacation trips I would probably blog of our trips which are different each day. Via city X to city Y, seeing B and C. We just discussed how funny it is that this time, with Maarten, we have a complete relaxing vacation. No more hurrying each day and planning ahead, just sitting, swimming and instead of pictures of the general items we make pictures of the details, in a sense we are having a more specialized vacation.

Instead of taking pictures of a temple any tourist takes, we can take a picture of a flower or another picture of Maarten in the pool :)

Breakfast is perfect. eggs, sausages, pancakes while watching a magnificent view of the blue ocean. Which is by the way the surprising thing when waking up. We wake up, open the doors and see the wide open blue-ness: the panorama view of the sea, the sound of the waves, the burning heat of the sun, the fisherman walking the beach. So the first reaction after waking up is “wow”.

This morning Maarten en Esmee went for a swim in the pool and I sat at the bale benong with my laptop / wifi because my belly is a little bit reddish (not real red but just enough to be careful). I’ve had more than enough travel experience to know what the sun in these countries can to your skin :) I once had a trip to Malaysia where I had to walk for days through the country while my face was very weirdly “coming off” beginning in circles around my nose. Most people looked at me like “hmmm.. another stupid tourist”.

So I’m sitting here, watching the sea… smoking some cigars I bought tax-free in Kuala Lumpur and … internetting:) The only thing missing is a powerplug at the bale benong at the beach because my power at one time or another will run out… Hmm..maybe I can go to Lovina an beach a power extension cable and make an extension from the house to the back of the garden… hmm…

Maarten is now standing next to me and says “Pappa jij moet ook zwemmen!!” … “PAPPA JIJ MOET OOK ZWEMMEN!” .. “ PAPPAAA” ….. “PAAAAAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” ….


Bali 5: Learning to swim


When we arrived the crew of the villa had bought all kinds of water toys for Maarten. Super. The hippo is great. The pool has stairs in the beginning and very slowly becomes deeper. He is quite stubborn and only wants to sit at the beginning of the pool but after quite some convincing and negotiations we managed to convince him to put his legs in the hippo and go for a round of the pool. But he seems most relaxed just sitting at the table at the terrace and playing with his building blocks :)

Bali 4: a new kimono


(almost live blogging from Bali) a few women from the local village spend their days following a retail formula which is based on personal contact management with visitors of one of the 10 villa’s along the beach. Since most houses are free at the moment, it seemed that we were the only visitors at the beach. They carried a large array of beach fashion. I bought a new kimono which is quite handy for at the pool and Maarten got 2 new t-shirts.

Bali prelude 2 : the Villa


Actually we discovered the villa by accident on the Internet. We wanted to rent a house in the south of France because going to a hotel with Maarten is a little bit more difficult. Via a Google search (forgot which) (something like “beach villa sea pool”) we found this one.

When we arrived at the house, the villa crew was awaiting us with drinks and flowers to put in our hair and wear (Maarten looked cute). The inside is fabulous and quite big. In the morning the crew takes good care of the house by cleaning the garden and the pool and during the night a guard is present to guard over the house. Everything is ok in the finest detail even the ipod contains more than 3500 songs (anything I could think of). Quite nice.

Our task is to relax, sit, eat, drink, swim, sleep.

The wide-open look at the sea is also fantastic. In the morning we see fisherman en fisher boats.

At this moment I’m sitting in the bale benong on a matras of 5×5, laptop, in my swimming trousers, a Bintang in the hand and just looking at listening at the sea. Absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow a woman will come by to give a massage.