How to bring … begin with a steak!

While I was thinking on topics of the last posting I found this link. Which is an indication of the idea on a very simple topic.

How to grill a steak?

You could talk with someone who basically has no clue and talks about pepper, salt and medium and rare level.

– which parts of the animal produce the nicest steak and which are not nice
– how do the different types of steak taste and why
– do all steaks need a steak knife?
– should the butter be cold, hot , foam, and what is effect on the steak on different ways of putting it in
– how much butter or oil should ideally be used?
– what other ingredients could you add
– what spices are needed, how much, why, what effect, and how to mix them in the recipe?
– what different effects having cooking on charcoal, etc…

The above questions are basically the questions on which everyone has the answer, maybe not in detail but roughly we know the lines. We all know this. Though some of use keep repeating the same stuff. We also know there are discussions between the “yes salt tastes better versus no salt because it dries out groups”.

Repeating the same lines seems to create some kind of in-group feeling while thinking of not the same lines and taking it one step further produces and out-group feeling. It has nothing todo with generalistic or  specialistic thinking. Everyone is a generalist and everyone is a specialist though on different kinds of pyramids. It has something to do with in-group and out-group in specific fields.

This is basically all knowledge we do not want to go over and over again. It makes us brain dead. But repeating knowledge we have of the top of the pyramid somehow creates a band. For humanity’s growth however, it does not deliver anything.

We should focus on the next level, then the next level, then the next level until we have merely a chemical discussion of the different interactions of atoms and possibly effects on a higher level. Then we go steps deeper. We could also involve psychology and other fields to get a good feeling of the complexity of making a steak.

I want every single human on this planet to constantly grow and never ever repeat lines that are considered common knowledge.

I think the first approach for doing so is by destroying the effect has in society of repeating lines to create an in-group feeling. I think we need new technology for that. Technology that will should shout at you when you repeat yourself instead of grow. That technology should also provide a replacement of the common knowledge transfer mechanisms in our society and replace it with something more advanced.