The Best (TOTO) Album EVER is…

I was listening to my songs in iTunes and noticed that the album that has my current highest total score is …


yes… Fahrenheit! No not IV, The Seventh One or Hydra but Fahrenheit, which is pretty weird because I never realized before that this was (apparently) my favorite cd album of all times… (!) I would have mentioned a lot of cd’s but probably never not this one lol.

Long live iTunes for bringing subconscious insight in my hidden desires :) Here is a beautiful love song:

This is the 1986 music video for "I’ll Be Over You" by Toto from the "Fahrenheit" album. This song features Steve Lukather on lead vocals, and watch for Michael McDonald on backup vocals.


And if you now click through to YouTube you can listen and watch for the rest of the evening Toto! For instance:

1. Till The End (HQ VIDEO)
2. We can make it tonight
3. Without your Love 
4. Can’t stand it any longer
5. I’ll be over you (music video with michael mcdonald)
6. Fahrenheit
7. Somewhere Tonight (/no woman no cry LIVE)
8. Could this be Love
9. Lea
10. Don’t stop me now 

Toto – Somewhere Tonight/No Woman No Cry live – Sung by their current backround vocalist Jenny Douglas McRae and the other guy is John James.


Could this be Love – Live Solid Gold 1986

Fel protest SGP tegen Atheistische boodschap op bus

image image








De SGP protesteert tegen atheistische boodschappen op bussen.

Via Hyves zie ik dan dit gigantisch reclame bord bij Afrit naar Alexandrium, Rotterdam…

Wat mij betreft mag de waarheid op elke bus, elke straathoek en elke schoolplein gigantisch groot in neon signs geplaatst worden. Het is tijd dat we een einde maken aan deze fabeltjes. Daarentegen mag iedereen natuurlijk geloven wat hij wil, dat is natuurlijk geen probleem (zal ik er maar even bij typen). Het grote punt is dat als ik moet aankijken tegen allerlei star trek uitingen om me heen, van hoofddoekjes tot kerken tot ongevraagde aanbelpartijeen met de boodschap der waanzinnigen dat op een gegeven moment, na 6000 jaar, de maat toch echt vol is en er dan ook maar een tegen campagne op gang moet komen die mensen de ondertussen wel heel erg onderbouwde waarheid gaat inpeperen.

Ondertussen lees ik nog een link naar een posting van PZ Meyers die me aan het denken zet over de zinvolheid van dit soort akties en de mogelijke gevolgen. Aan de andere kant er zijn grotere marketing campagnes geweest.

The most important day of the year is today…

The most important day of the year is today…

Since…. LOST is returning TODAY!! hurray! FINALLY our life will be complete again! (uhm… in 4 hours and 40 minutes)

And what will we see?

  • Lost: Destiny Calls is a recap episode which will air before the two-hour Lost Season 5 premiere on January 21, 2009.
  • "Because You Left" will be the premiere episode of Season 5 of Lost, and is scheduled to be broadcast on January 21, 2009. It will be the 84th episode of the series.
  • "The Lie" will be the second episode of Season 5 of Lost, and is scheduled to be broadcast as the second hour of the Season 5 premiere on January 21, 2009. It will be the 85th episode of the series.

1) You can CHAT live during the show with other fans here:

Magic screenshot of Obama president LIVE


In januari of this year I wrote: “Obama is going to be the next president of the United States ”, there was a comment on that: that it would never happen…

“Do you truly believe that the christian bible belt of America is going to vote for an afro american ??? They see a negro and those they rather not see in the white house”

Well… today we had the millions of people there who realize that change has come.

I captured the magic screenshot where the sun makes a little star on his jacket: the sheriff in the town where hope was lost and problems are big.

The three main discussion points around the day were:

- the clothing choices of the first lady, since they have a direct impact on fashion sales and industry
- if the little mistake in the beginning of the inauguration was a pre-set studied mistake to FINALLY find a mistake in this otherwise perfect person and be relieved
- the mentioning of god, scriptures and so on all through the speeches which contradicts with being a symbol of the complete nation of the US

on the third one, I TOTALLY missed

“For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus–and non-believers.”

(realized it when I read this topic)

Hurray for Obama! A very good (first) step!