The Best (TOTO) Album EVER is…

I was listening to my songs in iTunes and noticed that the album that has my current highest total score is …


yes… Fahrenheit! No not IV, The Seventh One or Hydra but Fahrenheit, which is pretty weird because I never realized before that this was (apparently) my favorite cd album of all times… (!) I would have mentioned a lot of cd’s but probably never not this one lol.

Long live iTunes for bringing subconscious insight in my hidden desires :) Here is a beautiful love song:

This is the 1986 music video for "I’ll Be Over You" by Toto from the "Fahrenheit" album. This song features Steve Lukather on lead vocals, and watch for Michael McDonald on backup vocals.


And if you now click through to YouTube you can listen and watch for the rest of the evening Toto! For instance:

1. Till The End (HQ VIDEO)
2. We can make it tonight
3. Without your Love 
4. Can’t stand it any longer
5. I’ll be over you (music video with michael mcdonald)
6. Fahrenheit
7. Somewhere Tonight (/no woman no cry LIVE)
8. Could this be Love
9. Lea
10. Don’t stop me now 

Toto – Somewhere Tonight/No Woman No Cry live – Sung by their current backround vocalist Jenny Douglas McRae and the other guy is John James.


Could this be Love – Live Solid Gold 1986