Lost all my Outlook mail!

I was playing with firefox to set up some more profiles (I’m coding some more auto generation for my startpages directly from the firefox bookmarks)(e.g. http://populair.eu is fully auto-generated from my firefox bookmarks).

However when I accidently created a firefox profile directly in the root of my c:\edward directory, I decided to undo it, just "delete profile", "check", "next". *krrrrrrrrr* *realization* *stop, break,stop process*

But — it already was halfway deleting my complete c:\edward directory which obviously contains everything I want to backup and save. The bad thing is that my last manual backup was on the 1st of februari, meaning: I lost the last 2 months. Most of it, as far as I can see is recoverable (can’t really determine the exact listing in it) (probably some more will turn up)

But… the c:\edward\outlook directory is unrecovarable meaning… I lost the last 2 months of e-mails, which contained an AWFUL lot of todo e-mails, request for webpages, other directories full of needed saved attachments, additions and the latest agenda appointments.


The not smart thing is that I have an auto-backup tool INSTALLED that auto copies this directory to my NAS. However… I didnt find the time yet in the past two months to manually hit that single button. It’s a good move anyway to make that one obligatory now (wise lesson again).

So…. IF you have sent my an e-mail lately and I haven’t replied (I also import all gmail ones) then … please send again. I also lost my agenda so if I miss an appointment thats why.

update: I found: Bug 302087 – Inadequate warning before Profile Manager deletes non-Mozilla files

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