Extremely short science fiction story

This wired article inspired me to write an extremely short science fiction story myself (although not as short as the wired ones):


The Ant

"… and on an alternative earth there was a gay Adam. Ants soon ruled this planet. After some tens of thousands of years they found out that they could cause an overflow in a buffer in reality which ment they could write code in the box reality was running in. Soon security kicked in and a long fight started between the ants and the box security system. The security system won and rebooted the system. When we discovered the same trick we learned that the ants left some crypto video messages in a dmz surrounded by the box security system. They were a huge hit on YouTube. It took us quite some time after that to regenerate the timeline of the ant universe and sneakily escape reality while the ants were busy fighting. Surprisingly this ended the experiment since we finally made it out of the reality box. Now what?".



If you write one also then add the link in the comments or do a trek-bek. (it only takes 10 minutes, come on, put it on your blog or your stumble blog whatever)

How To Hijack ‘Every iPhone In The World’ – Forbes.com

How To Hijack ‘Every iPhone In The World’ – Forbes.com
the interesting thing here is that whatever method you can find to overflow the memory to reach another part of the memory gives you unlimited control on whatever device or whatever operating system (if it is not secured). The interesting thing is if reality works the same way. are there flaws in reality that can be used to hack it and gain access to the box it runs in.