StumbleUpon WordPress plugin 1.6

I had some comments on my StumbleUpon WordPress plugin. For some time I had not updated the plugin but I finally did the pretty little change to make it compatible again with the new demands around the registering of settings.

According to the stats there are 1552 people who downloaded the plugin so that is some motivation for keeping it updated.

Version 1.6 fixes the settings part. You can auto update using the WordPress auto updater for plugins.

For version 1.7 I will add the official new SU buttons as an option also since they are of course also pretty cool. I need to add also an option to uninstall and localizing, that will follow also. I might try to mix both reviews and views in one button, seems handier. I think it is only interesting to click through to see the reviews other wrote and/or add interesting urls that are not in the system yet (the grey ones). On the thing that IS interesting is the ratio between reviews and pageviews. It somehow will probably tell us something about the content of that link. Don’t worry about the time scale, I will see if I have time this weekend to fiddle this together and apply it to the thousands of links on my blog. Let’s see if we can find patterns in those ratios. My hypothesis is that both controversial and funny easy pictures create the highest ratios.

The pageviews button solely looks like this:

download it here :

p.s. nice to see that it appears on the must have wordpress social media plugins.

A good example on how the plugin works shows in this post.