Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Putin, Oil and the Netherlands

Today I saw on the Dutch television "our friend Putin".

I think everyone should see that documentary.

It’s absolutely horrific what’s going on there. It’s mind dazzling that the Netherlands is currently negotiating with a country we should not deal anything with in the current state of affairs. We are weak, smiling at some Euro’s to gain with a fascists government where no law is in place and only the right of the strongest counts.

If there is any political party out there who has this on his agenda: stop any deals with Russia and make it clear to the public what’s going on and then you have my vote.

I think it’s best to watch the documentary to have your mouth just fall open of what is currently happening and how we, the Netherlands, are preferring oil and Euro’s over human rights and law. I can only hope that we secretly are planning in a much wider Western international secret gathering the downfall of this fascist. Life must be hard up there on the Gorilla Hill.

I hope Balkenende has a secret plan and that giving away 50% of our shares from Shell is part of a complex judo move and not… the complete plan……

image I would want to urge anyone reading this with influence in this small country to only further have any contact with Russia after at least Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been released.

I joined the facebook community:

You can read more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khodorkovsky

In short: he was once the wealthiest man in Russia. When Putin came to power most oil businessman fled but he stayed. He was pro democratic party’s. After Putin seized all other oil companies in a pure dictatorship style he put them under control of himself via a circle of friends and he arrested Khodorkovsky and simply put him in jail, took his complete company and gave it to a friend who is currently running the profits from it. Khodorkovsky is still under arrest (since October 25, 2003).

It is absolutely unbelievable that you can just take whatever you want and even simply put the wealthiest man in Russia in jail and take away his complete company and well.. take it… unbelievable? Well… in the documentary there are more examples of unbelievable things happening over there. I hope no one invests any money in there.


Not if your country is under control of the Anti Christ. 

I’ve read Planet of the Apes and I agree with Pierre Boulle no matter at what stage in history or whatever form of government you look there will always be the Gorilla’s who are in charge battling it out under themselves on the Gorilla Hill who is the biggest Gorilla. The rest of us are chimps and orang utans.

Fine. I can live with that. Apparently for the past 35.000 years we somehow are organized like that in a very natural way. Good.

What is not good, even in nature, if one of the Gorilla’s takes it a step too far. This Gorilla and the little hill under him has taken it a step too far. While I am a chimp I’m looking for an orang utan who can convey this message. And the good thing is, at least over here, that millions of chimps can change the behavior of gorilla’s even if they don’t want to.

Otherwise we are destined in the long run for another big war and my advise would be to go for plan B and prepare for that in a political sense.

To stay up to date just follow what this Putin guy is doing e.g.: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8682108.stm.

If I would be a gorilla I would now very fast team-up with all other like-minded gorilla’s out there in the International arena to prevent him attacking Gorilla by Gorilla and basically stand as one big Gorilla with one voice. That will strengthen the misguided feeling of the brainwashed part of the Russian population that "the West is against them" but the other alternative is losing everything in the long run.

Internal Dummy Connections and adjusting HTTPD log files

My server has A LOT of Internal Dummy Dummy Connections in the form of: – – [date] "OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0" 200 -


These seem to be Internal Dummy Connections: http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/InternalDummyConnection (i am running Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) so I ALSO need to upgrade so it seems but that is uhm very difficult when Plesk is installed and there are dependencies that I do not even know of).

And they happened after I changed the host file on my Linux Server (etc/hosts). I changed the hosts file to 2 lines instead of one because otherwise the WordPress Cron functionality would not run (see http://bradt.ca/archives/fix-wordpress-missed-schedule-error-on-media-temple-dv-plesk/) which has todo with plesk (http://www.fdcservers.net/vbulletin/archive/index.php/t-1018.html).       localhost localhost.localdomain  farmvillechicken.com farmvillechicken

Directly after making these changes the internal Dummy Connections started entering my /var/log/httpd/access_log ‘s

The Apache Help page says the following:

If you wish to exclude them from your log, you can use normal conditional-logging techniques. For example, to omit all requests from the loopback interface from your logs, you can use

SetEnvIf Remote_Addr "127\.0\.0\.1" loopback

and then add env=!loopback to the end of your CustomLog directive.

However… the "normal conditional logging techniques" are unknown to me… Via

http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_log_config.html I think the CustomLog line is correct:

SetEnvIf Remote_Addr "127\.0\.0\.1" loopback
LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" common
LogFormat "%{Referer}i -> %U" referer
LogFormat "%{User-agent}i" agent
CustomLog logs/access_log common env=!loopback
CustomLog logs/referer_log referer env=!loopback
CustomLog logs/agent_log agent env=!loopback

So let’s add that to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and run /usr/sbin/apachectl configtest:

Syntax error on line 485 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:
SetEnvIf regex could not be compiled.

(to show line number in vi you can use ":set number")

ah… I forgot to put a "." before the "1" in the regex…. save: Syntax OK.

Let’s reboot by doing a /etc/init.d/httpd restart and then check the log files.


GRBML! It did not work. Let’s head for a forum.


I’ve had this in the past with other computers and now it happens with my (private) IBM / Lenovo T60 Thinkpad. As of yesterday it goes like BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I’m going crazy from the noise :)

Via a forum I found the service manual of the T60. (really good manual, 151 pages). On page 81 I find what to do. But it seems I need quite some stuff.















So now:

a. I need a new fan
b. I need thermal glue
c. I need to know “what is not too much and not too little (0.2 gram) to apply.

The way to order the correct part (FRU) is described on page 4,5,6. nice. Starting from page 113 is the complete Parts list.

CRU are customer replaceable units, One star indicates easy to replace and two stars means difficult to replace. And “N” is not customer replaceable… and THAT IS UNFORTUNATE because… the thermal device and fan in this case is a “N”…








This probably means I should not replace it myself… ok… and now? First I can look the part numbers here: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/product.do?template=/warranty/warranty.vm&sitestyle=lenovo .

(I found http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardware-components-aftermarket-upgrades/224182-remove-replace-thinkpad-t60-fan-2.html discussing the Lenovo Fan)


problem 1
I’ve got a T60 op type 2007-CTO and model V7C. The confusing thing is that http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-62741 lists me 3 different model parts for the thermal device and fan and I dont know what is the difference between them:

  1. 41W6407 (for the 2007-CTO)
  2. 41V9932 (for the 2007-CTO)
  3. 41V9931 (for the 2007-CTO)

problem 2:

I’m not exactly clear on warranty. I think this is way past warranty but when I try the warranty finder it gives me that it can not find this type based on its serial number.

problem 3:

since it is “N” i need to find a company to put this thing in there for me (could do it myself but it is a “N” …) that company should be able to tell if it is 41W6407, 41V9932 or 41V9931 that is needed for my T60. But maybe I can try e-mailing them first.

This however : http://forum.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/bd-p/T400_series_ThinkPads;jsessionid=7A0E77CC5E83517E9666C93DAD07A602 seems to be an interesting forum to ask my questions and If find exactly me problem here: http://forum.lenovo.com/t5/T61-and-prior-T-series-ThinkPad/T60-Fan-replacing-Question/m-p/198497#M44387

The new Microwave / Magnetron Part II: the WhirlPool JetChef … but which one?

This is my second post on my magnetron selection after I broke our previous Whirlpool Futura (2002).

We called around for the availability of the JT 379 on various internetshops but it seems they all have to order it. And since I wanted it uhm… now… :

This afternoon I went to the Mediamarkt in Utrecht, to look for the Whirlpool 379/ix. Unfortunately they only had the JT 369… the salesman told me that this was the only model they had because it was the best selling model of Whirlpool. He could order the JT 379 for me though….

I COULD have bought it but it was € 360. And that is € 40 MORE than the price of the 379… which is even a more expensive model… (besides that on the Internet I can get the JT 369 for at least € 100 less, ik ben toch niet gek!)

But it made me doubt… what is actually the difference between the two?

So I went to the official Whirlpool site to find that they have a not really good comparison site. Features that are named with the JT 379 appear not with the JT 369 and the other way around. No way to compare them. I think the editors of that piece of the content should maybe do some re-editing. Just look at the overview in the product selector:


NORMALLY I would expect some kind of database behind it which adds comparison functionality. But uhm.. while they both have the same options from the product selector it seems they are totally different. The 379 mentions Jet Stream, Jet Defrost, Jet start  whlile the 369 mentions steam, grill, jetchef 5 in 1? (they both have these items, but of course in a selector I want to see the differences between the two not random parts of the functionality that are not on a comparison level with the other products).

When you then click on “more information” it even gets more weirder, just look at the lines in red and try to compare the following two products (notice “Neerklapbaar” and “Neerklapbare deur”…)



So what I understand until now is that:

– they both have a capacity of 31 liter but the JT 379 is wider and the JT 369 is higher (unless there is a mistake in the specifications and height and width should be the other way around……)



– the JT 379 is from RVS / inox, no idea about the JT 369
– the JT 379 has a neat LCD “gui” while the JT 369 has “buttons”
– the JT 379 is much more expensive


image image
JT 379 / inox (RVS, roestvrij staal)
(sept. 2009)
JT 369 / various colors
(may 2008)
height: 377 height: 490 (official website specs)
width: 487 width: 380 (official website specs)
depth: 515 depth: 541
material: inox material: mentioned nowhere?
no information if the rotating platform can be turned off rotating platform can NOT be turned off
3D system no idea
LCD screen with multi langual display electronic
Memory (although I don’t know exactly what this means / how that works) no Memory
7 different power levels 8 different power levels
ovenspace ( HxBxD) 210x395x370 not mentioned
31 KG 29,72 KG
34KG incl packaging 32,56 KG incl. packaging
220-230 V 220-237 V
11 A 6A
baby bottle holder: no idea, not mentioned babybottleholder : no
recipes included recipes: no idea not mentioned

They both are free standing, combi magnetron, have 6th sense technology, 31 liter oven space, 360mm turning plateau, closing door, electronic timer, child lock, 1000 W Magnetron, 1200 W grill, defrost, jet start, steam functionality, grill, crisp, quick heat, warm-up, jet stream hot air 50/225, 2200 W, accessoires: crisp schaal, steam schaal,

Now … let’s try to fill in the missing gaps:

image image
JT 379/ ix JT 369 / color
kieskeurig.nlCheapest price here is € 335


This site is nice because people give a lot of reviews here. I read problems mostly problems with the noise for both models although not everyone agrees.

Most reviews are very positive. from 333 magnetrons the JT 379 comes out as #1 (!)

kieskeurig.nl (has an error on the crisp functionality and has taken the specs from above …. so the same list of not comparable things but it adds that the oven is 1600 watt. It also adds that the 369 is RVS too (while it mentions nothing for the JT 379… the other around as on the WhirlPool site)image

But uhm…. if they are BOTH RVS…. why is the 379 then specially named “ix” ? (sigh)

The kieskeurig site seems to have the most reviews on both products. On there I read “Oven Tot 225 graden en magnetron 950 watt”

Cheapest price here is € 276


Afmetingen (H x B x D)
38 x 49 x 54,1 cm
  (…. !!)

ciao has no reviews and a mistake in the specifications on the “Vochtigheidssensor” it says no but I think that is the 6th sense……..It also says there are 8 powerlevels while the Whirlpool site says there are 7…….

It finds 1 cheaper price for € 322 at electrokoopjes


ciao has 1 review and 1 cheaper price:  € 264 bij electrokoopjes (but… this is the white one and the white one is cheaper)image

the width/height this site gives:

Hoogte in cm: 38, 37.7 cm
Breedte in cm: 48, 48.7 cm (…. !!)

vergelijk.nl ALSO says it has 8 power levels contrary to the official website and kieskeurig.nl
but…. : It also says: Vochtigheidssensor : Nee, but I think that is the 6th sense functionality so I think that is a mistake.There is 1 review/question of someone who got the magnetron and expected a cooking book. He does not know if he can get it / should get it. It seems to be the same site as elcheapo.
vergelijk.nl finds a white one for € 249 with veiligkopen.nlimage

and the silver again for € 276 bij internetshop:



Twenga  shows me it is also for sale at internetshop.nl for € 322 but…
Via Twenga i find that the internetshop.nl also has the wrong information on the Crisp and the weird “turn off turning plateau”:image
I liked the review on megakeuze ! I found more information than on the official whirlpool site here. “Bediening van de Whirlpool JT 379 IX is erg simpel met gebruik van 2 draaiknoppen, een stopknop en een Jet Start knop. Door een menugestuurde timer vormt het een overzichtelijk en duidelijk geheel. Maar liefst 84 programma’s en 11 voedselcategorieën kunnen daarmee ingesteld worden”  

They have some extra information on the JT 379 / ix:image

This was missing in my list above. And I think that is weird. Since I would expect every (WhirlPool) magnetron to have the ability to warm the food in all spots equally (well.. no magnetron does this but the illusion is good enough).

This site has more additional info:


imageI discovered what the babybottle holder is… it is probably only available with the smaller models (see above). Pretty neat actually.
Some other comparion sites:http://www.selectivo.nl/huishoudelijk/koken/magnetron/whirlpool-jt-379-ix-jetchef/prijzen


http://www.youtellme.nl/magnetrons/1631645_whirlpool-jt-379-ix/ € 322 (good! but it says also that electrokoopjes has it in stock… which is NOT the case…. )

bolle.nl: € 385 (…. not really well….)

http://shopping.kelkoo.nl/ssc-146201-jt-379-ix.html (€335 at internetshop) (not good)

onestopshop:  this specifies specifically a “NL” version? It also has 3 different versions although I think they are all the same ??? (or not?)

http://www.vergelijkenvanprijzen.nl/product/JT-379IX-JetChef-Combi-Magnetron.html: € 322

Shops:redcoon € 365
coolsound: it takes 1 to 2 weeks : € 385
nuaanbieding: …. links to coolsound…..and other more expensive places, hmmmmm :(
electrowarenhuis: € 343
zercom: € 412
scheerenfoppen: € 364
On correct.nl I now notice that there is both a JT 379 IX AND a JT 379 SL. So its both available in silver as in inux. They also have a different description for both:image
I doublechecked the WhirlPool site and I only find the JT 379 IX … so … apparently there are 2 versions of the JT 379 and although the advice price of the IX is more expensive on the market the IX is cheaper.


update: i ordered it for 322 euro At www.internetshop.nl

update 14 feb 2014:

People are still visiting this post to find out more about the microwave so I will update it, almost 4 years after I bought the microwave

1. I love the machine. I do a lot with the microwave and have used it almost every day

2. The build-in assistant is really helpful and I use it all the time e.g. to steam rice or potatoes or any vegetables (with the supplied steamer) or just to warm a pizza. don’t need to think: just choode “pizza  , frozen , start”, cool.

3. Its reliable. I read in the comments and on the internet some comments on “noise” ? But I have it in the kitchen and really, it makes the average microwave noise but nothing more. Also the “burning your hands” I don’t recognize, I have it at about 1.65 m high. Never even slighly had a problem.

4. just today, after 4 years, I had my first “problem” : on the left hand side inside the microwave there is a kind of carton colored square. And on the bottom of the square when I turned it on to have some bacon on the crisp plateau (for an egg). I saw a “flame”. So I turned it off and the carton-thing on the left hand side was sort-of  burned on the surface ( black where the flame was). So I have no clue at the moment. mailed Whirpool what that thing is anyway on the side and if it needs replacement. I am pretty technical so It would not be a problem to replace “it” as long as i know what “it” is.

Anyway, I still think it’s the best consumer microwave you can buy (if you do your research).



















News: StumbleUpon Allows you to change your name (once)

imageI read on the Facebook community of StumbleUpon that they added the option to change your name (once) so… I’m thinking about that.

If you want to select an original StumbleUpon name make sure to read: http://edward.de.leau.net/i-collected-150000-stumblers-20080401.html !!! :)


There is a selection of 150.000 nicknames used there and you can download the complete file to find an original name.

Our Whirlpool Futura Magnetron is broken let’s get a JetChef or fix it?

This night our son was cying for his bottle of milk.

So I went downstairs to make some. Yes I was tired and sleepy.

In our kitchen we have a kind of shelve of which the door opens up to the top. Lately that door didn’t remain up… I think it lost some of it stiffness so you really had to hold it up for some time to “keep it there”. I had it on my to do list to look at that although I didn’t really know what to do about it.

This night, somewhere at 5, I pulled the door up, then opened the magnetron door, took the milk… and BAM. the drawer door slammed on the magnetron door. Not a problem in itself but it actually hit EXCACTLY on the little pins in the magnetron door that fit in the openings of the magnetron itself (yes Murphy, one centimeter difference would be no problem but of course for me it hits exactly on that spot) (so the magnetron knows when it is safe to be on or off) and one of the pins broke off, well.. not really, it was bend inwards and a little later broke off inside the opening in the magnetron because I tried to fiddle with it.

So there I was at 5 o’clock in the morning with a bottle of milk and a crying son upstairs.So I heated some water and prepared the bottle au bain-marie which really took a long while.

Now I have to decide what todo with the magnetron. The only thing that is wrong with it is that one of the little pins that broke off on the right side is now stuck in the opening on the right side. Just one little pin… but the whole machine is now useless. It feel silly to replace the complete machine just because of that single pin, especially if I feel how much it weights… Unfortunately that little pin is “part of the door” and the door itself is attached via 2 metallic pins to the rest of the magnetron.

I don’t know what todo. The magnetron is pretty essential at the moment and I really need it quick. Then again… do I need to spend 400 euro for a replacement for our WhirlPool Futura (from 2002) ?
image I very much liked the Crisp function of the magnetron, ideal for making perfect pizza’s, the come out perfect. (the appliance giant’s CEO, Jeff Fettig, has a favorite word: innovation. His company has used it to set earnings records and build a cutting-edge brand) so I just want the same model or maybe just the new model with the new functions (Whirlpool has now something that is called sixth sense, might be handy). I read about the JetChef, nice (if I read this, I want to buy it, completely in line with Whirlpool’s strategy. What a sucker am I. The Whirlpool JetChef JT359 seems to be the nicest model and sells for € 549, it is the complete inox edition. But they also have:

– Whirlpool JetChef JT358 – € 399
– Whirlpool JetChef JT357 – € 349
– Whirlpool JetChef JT355 – € 299

this part: http://www.whirlpool.nl/app.cnt/whr/nl_NL/pageid/pgcbtechfire001 on the 6th sense technology is also nicely written:

Van het bewaren tot het koken van het voedsel, van luchtzuivering tot de afwas: alle activiteiten die in de keuken plaatsvinden, zijn gelinkt aan vier elementen: vuur, stoom, water, ijs. Om die elementen perfect te beheren heeft Whirlpool de 6th Sense® technologie ontwikkeld die alle parameters voelt, aanpast en controleert om perfecte kook- en bakresultaten te garanderen met besparing van energie en tijd.

I have to find out what the difference is, the problem is that I don’t have any time todo it.

So…let’s check the repair function first. On the WhirlPool site I find:

Wilt u telefonisch een serviceafspraak maken, dan kunt u onze medewerkers van de Whirlpool Consumenten Servicelijn op werkdagen tussen 08:00 en 18:00 uur bereiken op telefoonnummer 076 – 530 64 0

Let’s call them tomorrow or else order the JetChef.

update: when I searched for “magnetron repair” I also got a gazillion listings. Maybe this is also interesting to check. e.g. http://kopen.marktplaats.nl/diensten-en-vakmensen/reparatie-en-onderhoud-witgoed-en-apparatuur/c1397.html

another choice is to buy a second hand one since many people seem to sell those when moving in with other people :) I need one with these sizes:

image update: once again I find outletplanet who offers the JetChef JT359Ix for € 339 :

I also found our model on marktplaats, though I dont know what she asks for price

(but sold shortly after I made a bid. tip: On marktplaats you always have to call by telephone if you want to buy something since bidding is most of the time no use)

update: found the JT 379 IX as the new model but also began looking at other magnetrons. Lots of choice nowhere a complete comparison of all the functions on the LG, Sharp etcera unfortunately only millions of affiliate comparison sites showing the latest prices.
I began reading somewhat more on magnetrons, this story: http://www.americanheritage.com/articles/magazine/it/2005/4/2005_4_48.shtml is a great story on how this device took a long road to enter the world as a meme. Really a recommendation to read.

update: the repair will cost at minimum € 100 this is without extra components and other extra costs. So we think that probably will turn out to be € 200 IF they can get a new door… It is actually silly, just one little pin and I need to buy a new magnetron. But whatever what is is, so let’s get a new one and ditch the old one.

update: The JT 379 IX for sale for € 322 at electrokoopjes AND it is the #1 magnetron on: http://www.kieskeurig.nl/magnetron/beste ( out of 333 magnetrons). The only problem is that the display is now at the top and we are only short people… (and it will be placed fairly high GRIN).

Scotty is ill :(

On the morning of the 5th of May we heard that our cat, Scotty, had cancer, and a pretty aggressive one too. I think I am still in shock.

The vet told us that there is probably not much we can do anymore. We could pursue chemo therapy but that will costs thousands of euro’s and it is probably not worth it.

Scotty (http://scotty.de.leau.net/) has really been part of our family for the past years. It’s really strange that something you take for granted can be taken away so suddenly. He behaves differently the last days. He comes lying with us on the couch and is behaving weak. We have now some pills against the pain that we give him but during the night he makes this noises that show that he really has pain.

It really touches me of course. While for others it is “just a cat”,  when it is “someone” that has been so around you for years it feels well… a sort of mixture of unbelief and the feeling that you want to do something but you are not able to do something about it and that more or less makes you sad. It’s driving me crazy. It feels like losing a child though of course I should not type that.

It’s the sweetest cat you can think of.

This evening he came lying next to me and I was caressing him and well… we looked at each other and could only say how really *** this is, against him.

I blogged of course many times about Scotty. On http://edward.de.leau.net/2002/09/page/4 I find that we first got him and were thinking about a nice name.  I found that he was born on 15 july 2002 which makes him almost 8 years old.

I now have to decide if and when what to do and probably a date to do that. I’m still having trouble to believe that he can not get better and I think some day next week will be a bad day.