Social Family: Geni or MyHeritage?

imageA long time ago I wrote how cool it would be if there would something like Google Family: whatever person you would know you would see the relation between you and them via their genealogy tree.

Some time passed and Geni arose and well… lots of people went wild about it and started entering family data. We can connect family trees and thus slowly a worldwide family tree starts growing connecting every person on earth with every other person on earth.

imageSo… I have a lot of people in my Geni (Pro) Tree on which I yet  have to do a lot of work. (my mother promised me to help me).

However… in the meanwhile myheritage got social and LOTS of people joined that also, probably also due to their smart Facebook ads campaigns.

The result is that I get lots of matches from both myheritage and geni.

The problem is that people are either working in Geni or MyHeritage and sending me lots of matches and there are a lot of people working in Geni….

It is really no use doing this work in 2 systems at the same time with hundreds of people putting effort in both places.

Companies: PLEASE MERGE!

(while writing I noticed that my tag pages are not working anymore)