i-Plenty–eindelijk mijn Plenty Gepimpt!


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Nadat ik samen met 2999 andere Buzzers  de Plenty EasyPull ontving heb ik er 2 mogen weg geven en restte alleen nog het pimpen van de Plenty EasyPull.

Ik was nog aan het twijfelen maar toen de voorraad slonk heb ik toch maar de i-Plenty uitvoering gemaakt.

Zie hier het resultaat!

Ondertussen bevalt de keukenrol vervanger goed. Er zit echt veel papier op zo’n rol (60 meter) dus we doen er vrij lang mee. Ook is het handig dat we er met een hand papier af kunnen “rukken” en het voelt goed dat het moederbedrijf voor elke boom verbruikt er drie terugplant (ze zijn dan ook partner van Oxfam Novib).

Zo… maar even op het http://ontdekjeplentyplekje.nl/ forum neuzen naar de andere foto’s Glimlach

Delicious for sale… who will buy it?

One of the most important sites on the Internet is for sale: delicious. I bookmarked it in the asides a couple of times.

So why is it one of the most important sites? Because they link meta information to (MD5-ed) URL’s in the form of tags and in the form of amount of bookmarks-reviews. Way before the LIKE and the +1. And not only that but the tag structure forms an awesome taxonomy.

I saw some reviews writing ´a bookmarking service´ I don´t think they get it. It´s a taxonomy.

This should have been the Google….

Why Yahoo never managed to make it an uber revenue cow I fail to comprehend but on Quora someone made a nice post on this.



(and more to be found)

I wonder who will buy it. I hope Amazon and I don’t hope StumbleUpon (since they kicked out my populair.eu in their rankings) and I don’t hope Google and I don’t hope LastPass and I don’t hope Facebook.

Why Amazon? Because Delicious data would match really well with Alexa data. Think about it: type a page on Alexa and now MD5 all sub/uri´s to get meta information on the context. Pretty cooooooool especially if we could php around it access that data via Amazon webservices. Instant nice stuff.

My TyTn II can not connect to Windows 7 Mobile Device Center Grr.


So… my telephone is the HTC TyTn II / Kaiser / Tilt / MDA Vario III , running WM6.1 (the official T-Mobile one so the label Vario III) and I have Windows 7. So what works:

- I can connect using the modem option (the device then becomes a Generic RNDIS)

So either via clicking on the phone the shared internet connection or by clicking on the phone non settings > connections and hit the checkmark “advanced”.

- as soon as I am not using the modem option the device is recognized and authenticed and on the device I see those messages AND on the device I see the icon in my list. It also says on my device connected with ‘USB.
Also on Windows 7 the Connection Settings dialogs (as seen above reports ‘device connected’) but… (obviously) … no sync happens. and the Windows Mobile Device Center reports “not connected”.

Bedroefde emoticon(and I already tried removing and reinstalling the software, both with removing either of the hardware devices and let them reinstall, usb out. in, all earlier active sync sycn settings removed etc…)

But somehow it can not talk “sync” BUT they do know from each other that they are connected through USB…. sigh.. So I walked through the first 50 pages on Google incl. the microsoft forums, the forum on XDA developers etc… and I read all the basically reinstall-disconnect-connect threads and ‘deleta all’ but … nogo … it will not talk to each other.

The quest continues…

The I-Bood Hunt: bought a Laptop

The i-bood Hunt was running again. I-bood is a online shop that sells daily one offer. The I-bood hunt is a short period in which many articles fly by at low prices and zillions of people try to get them.

Most of these articles are sold out in about 1 second.

And… me: CLICK. Got me a Toshiba Laptop Glimlach (normally € 464 – € 605) but in the offer for € 349,50 grin. Took it. It has 3 Year Pick-Up and Return Garantie. Excellent.


LinkedIn Member #716184

I got an e-mail that I was member # 716.814 of the current 100.000.000 members of LinkedIn. Undoubtly anyone who is more than once a week online is within that first million GRIN.

BUT what I do think is cool is that I am http://linkedin.com/in/internet

Unfortunately I’m not professionally active in the web world. (So I’m not a web designer, web SEO specialist or even a social analytics firm) otherwise this could have provided some extra value.

As well me being http://facebook.com/weblog  etc… grin.