Wekelijkse Stripveiling op CataWiki

Na de succesvolle Dagaanbieding start Catawiki een nieuw concept: een wekelijkse Stripveiling. Ieder weekend kan er geboden worden op zeldzame strips, originele tekeningen en stripcuriosa. De kavels lopen steeds na elkaar af op maandagavond (vanaf 20.00 uur) zodat de veiling goed te volgen is.
Kavels starten vrijwel allemaal op 1 euro en er is geen onzichtbare limiet.

zie http://www.catawiki.nl/stripveiling

The best mindmapping software

what is the best mindmapping software?

via this e-mail:


You signed up at Topicscape a while back, but you don’t hear from us often.

But now we have an eBook of reviews of free visual thinking tools that you
can pick up for nothing if you hurry.

Its author Roy Grubb is noted on Twitter for answering questions about mind
mapping, and as editor of WikIT, the mind mapping wiki. Now he has written
great reviews, with examples, of 15 free products for making mind maps,
diagrams, concept maps and visual models.  And he is making it
available to everyone who subscribes to Topicscape’s Visual Thinking

Choose the right tools for your needs by reading Roy’s professional view on
each – save yourself time learning how to use them just to find their
limitations and advantages. You can read it and see examples in the eBook
instead. It has a description of the kind of use most suited to each tool,
an example map showing its features, a summary of capabilities and key links
for the download or online location, sources for more information and
support groups.

Sign up here http://www.topicscape.com/blog/newsletter-subscription/

we’ll send you a link for downloads.

The Topicscape Team