Back to Firefox !

imageI read the browser test on lifehacker and thought I’d share with you that like… 1.5 year Chrome and IE 9 I’ve returned to Firefox as my main browser. I don’t care that much about startup times but I guess the following reasons made me go “back” :

1. main reason: memory usage : one of my laptops used to have only 2 gig of memory and I noticed that (the new) versions of Firefox used much less memory than other browsers. And you really start noticing when you hit “the memory limit”: things freeze up. I think I left Firefox because of memory problems but things seem to have turned around. (and yes there was also lots of other stuff running on the laptop).

2. second reason: copy – paste images as data url: when you “blog” it is much easier using either Windows Live Writer or WordPress to use Firefox when inserting images since the other browsers put a direct link to the image on the clipboard, which is not so nice to the webmaster when you are leeching images and thus bandwidth from their sites. So with Chrome I always have to copy to a tool like Irfanview first and then from Irfanview to the blog utility. And that is not so handy. Really not so handy if you blog around a lot.

3. I still think the web developer tools and add-ons of Firefox are handier and more extensive. Maybe I’ve gotten used to them since other browser offer similar functionality.

4. Profiles – I have a lot of them and I backup my profiles and I have gotten quite used to them.

So … are there no negative things? Yes there are

1. Firefox “feels” unsafer than Chrome. As far as I read various blogs of which I cannot judge how deep these tests are, probably Chrome is “safer”.

2. Using Gmail it’s quite handy to have the default e-mail client on my private machines automatically open gmail as default client

2. IE 9 is so mature, also from a development point of view, that I feel guilty not using it whenever I see it but then again, all Mozilla software is open source “MPL”. And I really like xPL. (disclaimer: as long as the open source products provide all the same functionality as in (my) requirements otherwise I favor the better product)

Let’s see what the coming years will bring