The Best of 3 Billion Firefox Add-ons Downloads

Via The Best of 3 Billion Add-ons Downloads | Mozilla Add-ons Blog I found that 3 billion firefox add-ons have been downloaded, which is … a lot …

The number 1 Firefox add-on is AdBlock Plus   with 166 million downloads. IMHO …. it is a good add-on (because I use it) (together with do-not-track-plus) but … it is a bad add-on because … website makers don’t earn money anymore from ads that are blocked by AdBlock Plus :)

Here is the promo:

3 billion Firefox Add-Ons

Gratis hosting die iedereen zou moeten nemen

Nog een hosting tip(je): sinds 2006 heb ik al een hosting account bij Dreamhost. Ik probeer even geen “reclame posting” te schrijven maar meer een echte tip. Ik ben echter niet een meester in het overtuigen :) Ik geef ook wat dreamhost discount codes.

Dreamhost is een van de grootste hosting partijen ter wereld en als iemand als ik sinds 2006 lid blijft (gratis) en dan na 6 jaar nog steeds een post schrijft dat hij het fijn vindt om daar een hosting account te hebben…, kijk maar wat je er mee doet.

Ik gebruik het niet voor primary hosting maar wel voor allerlei dingetjes die ik online wil hebben: development sites, mail server, jabber server, svn server  enz… Je krijgt oneindige disk ruimte (dus ik sync hier ook elke dag automatisch de fotos op mijn NAS naar toe), oneindige band breedte, oneindige hoeveelheid database en gewoon ssh / ftp toegang e.d. Je hebt een hele batch goodies zoals svn server instellen, jabber server instellen, webdav instellen, discussie lijsten, cron job instellen, een hele zooi one-click installs, uitgebreid domain management en enz… je kunt een paar weken zoet zijn met het doorlopen van het control panel.

Even heel praktisch wat zaken wat ik er heb draaien: Continue reading Gratis hosting die iedereen zou moeten nemen

SUNAVI Navigation software Maps Software

I bought a new phone recently and on it was some navigation software from Sunavi. Actually, I do not expect to use it much, but then again… It looks nice but unfortunately the only maps that were installed were  “British”, “France”, “Italy”, “Portugal” and “Spain” and obviously I live in the Netherlands.

After some searching I first tried the main home page of the supplier of the GPS Software, ““, but it looked a bit disappointing. There are more spelling mistakes on this website than I have ever seen before and although the main website promises access to all downloads for free once you register for the forums… the download area is empty and the forum contains 11 postings of people looking for a map…


So that got me even more interested :)

When I look on the storage media itself I find the folder \SunaviMapData\MAPS and in it  are (1) the maps (.DB files), (2) Signature files containing some kind of hashed key and (3) “” + excel file that is probably used to to generate the file.


Editing the MultiMap.Tab file is not much of a problem, I can just uncomment the #OPTION for the Netherlands :


The DB file for the Netherlands I could find via a forum I found on the Internet: but… I don’t know if these match my version of the software.

But… now I still need the NETHERLANDS_HUAJING-CHINA.SIG file to make it work and that is a bit of a problem: how do I get the signature file?

Let’s mail Sunavi first before I start creating sig files.

update 1:

I got the following reply from the mailserver of the company :


Hi. This is the qmail-send program at

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.
Recipient’s mailbox is full, message returned to sender. (#5.2.2)

The 99% need a raise


I found the above poster here. Obviously you have seen the past 2.500 of years lots of posters that are somehow the same as this one. “Fuck the Pharaoh We need Food” or “The Norman Kings chopped off our hands because we wanted a little bit from freedom” or “The Romans made us and our children slaves just because we are of country Z”.

The poster seems to cry out for some kind of “help” statement but unfortunately it is not solvable. Whatever form of government you will always have the  underlying ape-structure concept of how humans organize themselves. Somehow we organize ourselves by appointing leaders and sub leaders (as in “Gorilla Hill”). As somehow the biggest gorilla gets to sit on top and starts battles with other gorilla’s. Chimps have no chance.

Some people argue that the French revolution, some 200 years ago, brought a new reign. (suddenly we all became “citizens” and we got “mayors” etc…). These people forget that Napoleon was defeated … It is true that we renamed some aspects and the church got less influence but many things stayed the same. Don’t forget: The old rulers won… NOT Napoleon. The only place where really an old Pharaoh and an old regime was defeated “by the people” was in Russia, when, after many many years of problems the Tsar did not give a single bit of freedom to anyone other than himself, through some turbulent times it led to Communism. Which could be  theoretically a further improvement but it was not. The same Gorilla principle occurs also here because the underlying theory of Communism did not take into account modern psychology and group behavior (of course not because it did barely exist).

It also did not work in Spain, 20 years after that. The 5% nutcases began plundering churches which effectively led to the Vatican and Christianity teaming up with the Fascists (the uber Gorilla hill concept) which led to the freedom fighters being slaughtered in the Spanish region and fascism on the rise in the rest of Europe leading to the second world war. Hmm… is there really no genius out there who has a new refreshing society concept that we could use the coming thousands of years to make all people happy? Or is it inevitable that some people will become happy and the largest part will not? Is that what makes us humans?

Of course there is much more to tell. What about China, Cuba and what about human typology and what about democracy and capitalism and what about social democrats liberals etc… Too much to write about.

But let’s keep it simple… after the failed French revolution… and after the failed communist approach. What is our next best option? Or should we just accept the World Description by the author of Planet of the Apes and accept that this is how humans are? We accept that there will be some gorilla’s in whatever form of state that gain endless amount of money, power and influence and a whole pyramid of poor, powerless and non influential people under it from now until eternity? (Where religion makes it easy for these rulers but that is a story for another time).

Could not SSH…

I spend quite some time delving into options into why I could not SSH any more in a specific instance. And finally….finally… I found it. DUH.

My IP address is quite fixed (Fiber), I think it was the same since the day I got fiber, so about 3 years. Therefore I did not expect that the problem would be that simple… but… apparently my IP address changed somewhere last week.

“XMS heeft de dienst vast IP adres altijd maar aangeboden in een deel van haar leveringsgebied. Sinds enige tijd biedt XMS deze dienst dan ook niet meer aan nieuwe aanmelders. In juni gaat XMS het beheer van de IP adressen overzetten naar een ander systeem. Door deze migratie is het niet mogelijk om het huidige vaste IP adres voor bestaande XMS klanten te kunnen behouden. Helaas is in het nieuwe systeem ook niet meer mogelijk om een vast IP adres aan te blijven bieden. XMS betreurt dit ten zeerste. Echter er is gekozen voor de migratie naar een nieuw systeem om beter in te kunnen spelen op toekomstige ontwikkelingen. Let wel: de kans dat per juni het nieuwe IP adres wijzigt is klein. Echter XMS kan, helaas, niet meer garanderen dat het ongewijzigd blijft.”

And … only now I find other links to it:

- and… the planning: 11 juli: 3e batch Amersfoort (incl Hoogland en Hooglanderveen) (so apparently they are ahead of schedule grin).

So… this will be frustrating now… changed my <ip>/32:22 rules etc… every time my ip changes. Hmm… I think I will need another server out there as proxy.