Geni merges with MyHeritage WOW!


I’m still glad that I’m on top of things on the Internet like I wrote 2 days ago about promoting “Gangnam Style“. Now this… I predicted this more than 1.5 years ago…

26 september 2006 – before it started I was looking for a sort of Google Genalogy (read it!) which would show you with every person the relation you have to that person (so the blood relation not the “friends relation”), since in the end… everyone is family of everyone else (true wether you believe in the bible or in dna). It seemed like an awesome idea.

14 january 2007 – then… 5 months later…  Geni launced (read it!), where … everyone can add anyone and slowly you can see with everyone on the planet how you are connected to that person (in bloodlines). I have added my family to it. I posted some more blogs about new features in Geni…

19 februari 2011 – then… the problem became that a lot of people were joining another large service “myheritage” … so on februari 2011 (!!) I wrote “Social Family: Geni or MyHeritage?”  (read it!) which I ended with “Companies: PLEASE MERGE!” (because I can’t maintain 2 large trees in 2 systems which are the same and different).

28 november 2012 – and now… 28 november 2012 it seems … I am an Internet visionary because I got the following e-mail:

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