Geni merges with MyHeritage WOW!


I’m still glad that I’m on top of things on the Internet like I wrote 2 days ago about promoting “Gangnam Style“. Now this… I predicted this more than 1.5 years ago…

26 september 2006 – before it started I was looking for a sort of Google Genalogy (read it!) which would show you with every person the relation you have to that person (so the blood relation not the “friends relation”), since in the end… everyone is family of everyone else (true wether you believe in the bible or in dna). It seemed like an awesome idea.

14 january 2007 – then… 5 months later…  Geni launced (read it!), where … everyone can add anyone and slowly you can see with everyone on the planet how you are connected to that person (in bloodlines). I have added my family to it. I posted some more blogs about new features in Geni…

19 februari 2011 – then… the problem became that a lot of people were joining another large service “myheritage” … so on februari 2011 (!!) I wrote “Social Family: Geni or MyHeritage?”  (read it!) which I ended with “Companies: PLEASE MERGE!” (because I can’t maintain 2 large trees in 2 systems which are the same and different).

28 november 2012 – and now… 28 november 2012 it seems … I am an Internet visionary because I got the following e-mail:

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Micro Plastics have polluted everything: dont buy polyethyleen body products!

imageI was shocked when I heard about micro plastics now in every sea, lake and open watersource not to mention the life that is in there.

It are tiny plastic particles (<1 mm) which are e.g. used in in shampoos. The manufacturers thought the little particles would be stopped by the waterfiltering… but it does not…

So … we now have a situation in which all seas, all lakes and all open waters, like the little water close to your home are full of these micro plastics. They are everywhere.

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X-Box Music is wel grappig heb zojuist even rondgebladerd door X-Box Music op de X-Box 360. Het bevat zoals Spotify miljoenen nummers en zoals Spotify kost het 10 euro voor een abbo. Je kunt zoeken op een artiest en krijgt dan singles, albums, videos (leuk) en de biografie. Via de biografie kun je weer doorklikken naar andere artiesten. Vooral de makkelijke interface op de X-Box 360 maakt het een groot gemak om op je TV door nummers te browsen.

Via een abbo heb je dan, net zoals bij Spotify, toegang via al je devices (inclusief je  smartphone) tot je account, je playlists etc…

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Gangnam Style #1 YouTube video ever

I already blogged about it several times but there is something special with this song. It has now reached the #1 best viewed video ever (820.067.501 hits….)

But.. since there are now MILLIONS of videos doing gangdam style flashmobs, persiflages, concerts etc… I think we have several billions of views of this song. Interesting. Here is a video from 2010 showing some flashes from the concerts PSY did the years before that. I think you may conclude on this that we will hear much more about PSY:

I picked up the song in July (it was released on 15 july), (I think) when I found it at Reddit with the title “words cannot even describe how amazing this video is”. I decided then to further re-post it on my facebook (29 july, one day after it hit #6 on the Korean Billboard), etc…(might have reposted it to about 15.000 persons over all social networks). So… I’m just glad that I still can see what’s going on on the Internet :)



The same day I posted it also (wikipedia) : “According to The Wall Street Journal, T-Pain was among the first to have “sent [the video] to the stratosphere” when he tweeted about it on July 29.[

See the viral spread chart on the wikipedia page

Verkeersboetes worden belachelijk

7 kilometer te hard … en hoppa € 51 ( € 44 + € 7 administratiekosten) – ligt het aan mij of begint dit belachelijk te worden?

Als je elke dag in de auto zit dan is de kans toch wel heel hoog dat je ergens op een gegeven moment het pijltje op je snelheids meter ‘iets’ boven die 50 km/u ziet uitkomen wellicht s’ochtends ergens onderweg naar je werk of s’avonds als je terug komt van je werk.

Nou kan ik die € 51 op zich wel leieen maar ik zie op TV mensen die van een dergelijk bedrag een week moeten rondkomen.

Ik ben van mening dat dit verkeersboete systeem op de schop moet.

Ik zie regelmatig associale rijders: van belachelijke gevallen die over de stoep auto’s inhalen, dan door een rood stoplicht weer doorrijden op de normale weg tot tot gasten die zo hard langs zoefen (op de een of andere manier vaak golfjes), we moeten naar een systeem toe waarbij die groep aangepakt wordt, niet mensen die normaal rijden en dan ergens over duizenden kilometers incidentieel NET iets boven het metertje zitten.

Het verkeersboete systeem als we nu hebben is ook maar een best effort. Toen het verkeer toenam is dat ingevoerd. Maar anno 2012 zouden we toch in staat moeten zijn om iets slimmers te verzinnen.

Bitcasa Cloud Hosting and Sync

A while ago I considered some alternatieves for cloud hosting /syncing including running your own NAS.

Running your own NAS is ofcourse the cheapest but … you have the “pain” to maintain the machine and you have to have the strictness to make regular backups yourself. BUT … it is 62 times cheaper than running your data on e.g. a Dropbox account. However… for some small companies with little to no IT knowledge  this often not the handiest solution.

Back then Microsoft Skydrive was cheapest with 37 eurocent per gigabyte per year. However… I noticed it is often slow…. very slow (on my laptop but after reading the forums I noticed threads with the same impression). I was sort-of advising Skydrive to smaller companies so that they could (easy) click “save to” in office 2013 and (easy) click their skydrive. But… if it is slow … maybe this is not the best solution.

So… now I am reading some stuff about Bitcasa because I got several “inputs” on this solution. I had not seen this one before.

It costs $10 a month for infinite storage…  but as far as I can read they are still in beta. it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome.  But the Linux non GUI client seems to be not that advanced as the one from Dropbox (just reading up now on it)

You can assign any folders either as:

  1. “sync” – then it behave much like dropbox: everything in that assigned folder is synced to bitcasa and to all devices attached, so that from every device you will have access to that folder
  2. “backup” – then everything in that folder will be backed up and available to all other devices
  3. “infinite” – then everything in that specific folder will not reside on your local hd anymore but will exist in the cloud and will be streaming to the device you device you need it from

Which seems interesting:

  1. you would sync a folder that is really needed on your drive even if the Internet is down e.g. “important work documents that I need to reach from more places”
  2. you would backup a folder that you want to keep local e.g. “my personal photos” but which have a low sync rate because it is on some external disk
  3. you would infinite a folder that is not needed on your local system if the internet is down but which you want to keep available for other devices, e.g. I choose here the folder “downloads”


  1. you can “send” which lets you send any file to other people much alike the “justsendit” services, wich I do occasionally use (because it is faster than uploading it to my own ftp servers and people downloading it from there)
  2. you can “instant download” files from the web to bitcase e.g. in the case of /downloads you dont even have to cache the files on your local hd first, which seems pretty cool
  3. Everything is kept encrypted on their servers so even they can not access your data, which is different than e.g. dropbox.
  4. During the beta program you can have as much data as you want

You can probably download and install it because… it costs nothing currently and so you can try it out.

I’m now testing it out for files that are not 100% essential such as my download folder and I must say… It cleans up a lot of space on my local harddrive :). I will follow up on this later to share further insights on this.

On first sight: I like it!


link: bitcasa

Gangnam Style Universe

It’s amazing how Gangnam Style has created a universe of it’s own with just one song.

Gangnam Style + Hammer TimeZwarte Pieten Stijl ;     Psy ft Hyuna ; gunman style ; deadpool vs gangnam stylejakarta flashmob ; minecraft style ; halloween light show gangnam style ; x-men gangnam style ; pony gangnam style ; barcelona gangnam style flashmob ; sydney gangnam style flashmob ; gangnam style atlanta ; gangnam style on coke ; oregon marching band gangnam style ; nelly furtado gangnam style ; gangnam style hitler; mitt romney style; skyrim gangnam style; GTA IV Gangnam Style ; WTF Gangnam Style!!? ; obama gangnam style; gangnam style meets metal ; gangnam style transformers (mooi gemaakt!); final fantasy gangnam style; star wars gangnam styleKlingon Style ; gangnam style wedding; madonna gangnam style ; gangnam style the indian style; gangnam style zumba fitness; paris gangdam style (thousands!); Mel B GangNam Style (leuk!); gangnam style dancing baby ; eastern europe style; pyongyang style; LMFAO Gangnam style; gangnam style ping ping; novak djokovic gangnam style; white panda vs gangnam style; gangnam style russia; gangnam style drum covers; michael jackson gangnam style; gangnam style classical influences; gangnam style piano ; etc… etc… etc…

Actually I can’t even type a word + gangnam style that does NOT deliver a video….

It’s interesting. Has this ever happened to another song? I took a look at his YouTube channel and discovered there is a lot more to this guy.


Verstelbare Plasma Wandsteun: de Vogels EFW 6345

Voor mijn TV wil ik een kantelbare en draaibare wandsteun kopen, ik heb even gezocht op Internet en de Vogel’s EFW 6345 lijkt me wel wat maar hij is wel duur , € 182 voor een wandsteun dat is duurder dan ik gedacht had. Maar whatever, hij heeft een universeel VESA slot (waar de schroefgaten van de TV zitten) dus mijn volgende TV over pakweg 10 jaar past er hopelijk dan ook op.

Maar… ik ben er nog niet helemaal uit, ook de Wall 1345 ziet er interessant uit, deze heeft namelijk 3 draaipunten en kan tot 180 graden draaien, deze is echter €200.