I have 5 domains for sale, buy them or let someone know who is interested:

I’m on the verge of putting these on either flippa or sedo but… if one of my readers is interested, just contact me and make me an offer (or send this to someone who might be interested).

1 manager.cm This is a great domain for Configuration Management, Certificied Manager, Content Manager, Community Manager, Change Management AND SO ON: more than 250.000.000 results on Google: software products, certifications, trainings, books, communities, companies, consulting and so on. There are millions of searches on the Internet for this. Example:

If you are working around processes like agile, CMMI, ITIL or RUP your eyes will probably begin to shine dollar signs now. If you are doing SEO: better than this it won’t get.

manager.net is currently on sale for 50.000 EURO … and MANAGER.CM is even greater due to the CM which really describes the kind of category. (I’m sure Google will also love this as extra keyword). You will find more than 200.000.000 listings in Google when you search for this and THIS … is the one and only domain on the Internet which has ALL the components.

(You e.g. can make mail addresses like rtc@manager.com , clearcase@manager.cm , project@manager.cm, subversion@manager.cm , certified@manager.cm , training@manager.com, configuration@manager.cm  or make subsites like http://certified.manager.cm  or http://configuration.manager.cm or http://change.manager.cm or http://content.manager.cm , ideas are endless… could not even stop myself :) )

BIN: will probably around 30.000 EURO

2 eau.io First of all this contains all 5 english vowels (as well as in e.g. dutch). (pronounce as “o-i-o”). Meaning : a name that is not forgotten and is very very unique. (eau = water). Even if you leave these pages you will remember this name. It’s beautiful and elegant and smart : all english vowels in one word.

Second this is one of the few eau domains left for sale (eau is water in French e.g. eau de cologne) e.g. eau.ro is currently on sale for 8.100 EURO.

BIN: 10.000 EURO

3 ed.je This is for the dutch readers: if you would like your domain to be http://ed.je (…who would not remember this one !): Coolness factor 100 then take it. (they will mail you at mail@ed.je :) )

Als ofcouse when you google on “edje” you will find zillions of people named edje. And … yes 2 letters only makes it awesome unique: remember these 2 letters domains sell for tens of thousands of euro’s on flippa or sedo. So I’m selling this one very cheap (maybe too cheap)

BIN: 5000 EURO (I’m still thinking if I should sell this one at all)

4 kijker.tv , kijker.net and kijker.info Also dutch: if you are thinking of a concept around tv kijkers then kijker.tv is one of the greatest name e.g. an app or a website or even a consulting or product.

I will throw in all three domains for one price.


5 aweblog.net If you want to start a weblog or need a domain for you weblog why not keep it simple and simple name it “a weblog” ? DUH! (or Atheist Weblog, Animal Weblog, A+ Weblog, etc.. etc.. etc…)

BIN: any reasonable offer

Koning Willem

Maandagavond om 19.00 wordt een reeds opgenomen boodschap van koningin Beatrix uitgezonden op radio en televisie. Bronnen rond het hof bevestigen dat de koningin afstand gaat doen van de troon. … Continue reading →