and a typo in fstab…

note to self : when you fuck up fstab on an amazon volume and reboot there is no way you can ever repair this, so…

  1. stop the %$%$# up instance
  2. detach the root volume
  3. create a new instance
  4. attach and mount the detached root volume
  5. assign the elastic IP to the new instance
  6. go in (ssh) and fix fstab
  7. stop the instance
  8. detach the repaired volume
  9. attach to original instance again as root /dev/<rootname>
  10. assign the elastic IP again
  11. start the original instance

And after that…

  1. check that the internal IP for the database access has remained the same (otherwise adjust everywhere in database settings)
  2. check that php-fpm folders permission are not automagically reset if your tail log file is full of permission denied errors…

/etc/init.d/ … nginx, php-fpm, memcached, mysql etc…

and another hour wasted..but I think it’s up again Glimlach

How much does Amazon Cloud Hosting cost?

A while ago I moved the hosting for this (linux,nginx,mysql,php)(lnmp) weblog and some smaller sites to 1 reserved Amazon “server”. I wanted to give you an overview, now that some time has passed to give you an indication on how much hosting your own server in the Amazon Cloud costs so that I can more easily point someone to this blog posting in case he or she is interested in hosting some (smaller) sites themselves on Amazon.

profile: some smaller websites like a blog and some other websites e.g. a bunch of WordPress websites running on *nix

  • I ordered a reserved instance (see pricing list here: because this is cheaper : you pay a fee upfront so that your hourly rates are lower
  • I ordered the heavy utilization reserved instances because my websites are always on :)
  • I ordered within that category the “Medium Standard image” because the specs (3.75 GB Memory + 2 EC2 Units + 410GB diskspace) are what I expect to need for a couple of WordPress websites

The upfront costs for the heavy utilization reserved instance – standard medium instance Linux (m1.medium) – hosted in N. Virginia are: $ 600 ( in other words $ 16,66 per month )

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