Why does Atheism Increase In numbers?

I think the following diagram explains why “Atheists” as a group are increasing. It also explains how in the end everyone will be “Atheist”.



  1. Until animals became self-conscious and began to think there was just “reality”. E.g. an “ant” lives in reality and adapts through evolution to its complexity. It becomes part of the complexity behind reality. But an ant does not try to holistically try to understand “complete reality”.
  2. When we learned of materials to write on (e.g. papyrus) it gave us the opportunity to study the reality around us and write it down in other words: let follow-up generations build upon that understanding of the reality around us and create new understanding upon it. Philosophy arose 300 years after the export of papyrus. And out of Philosophy “a structured way to understand reality” came all the thousands of sciences to even better understand all the structures and systems including the ones in us because we are part of reality. During time we got better at managing big data and analyzing that big amount of data.
  3. We are now just on a meta level of understanding complexity, systems, structure (e.g. taxonomies) and the thousands of meta puzzle pieces that should be put in place to get a holostic view on reality (as a total). Our sciences DO have an end goal: every of the thousands of sciences HAS and end goal and “computing” power and knowledge is increasing every day with a multitude.
  4. We arrive at a point somewhere in the future that we or another being within reality will understand “everything”: all structures and systems.


religion – At the same time philosophy appeared, older “understanding of reality” took the advantage of the tool “writing”, a world view to describe the world in terms of magic, strange beliefs, myths and legend and fantasy some of these attached itself deeply into culture and human rituals and “folk understanding of reality”. However, they are not in the straight line in the picture above: they are some weird lines that end up death. Their understanding of reality flawed and therefore these tens of thousands of branches of understanding reality will die out: they have no answer to reality: do they do not invent “computers” or give us “walking on the moon”. They are “static flawed ideas” that are more cultural ritual based than of any use to humanity.

Since there is only 1 road and the road is “natural”, I would almost say “a logical evolutionary approach” or “something that just happens in reality” will get us to a point somewhere in which we have captured reality in systems and structure. We “understand” reality. At that moment there are no “gaps” anymore where a  “God” or “Santa Claus” can hide, since everything is clear. And actually… we are already at the point that the idea of a  “God” can be traced back in time to when people actually had these pantheons of Gods and before that how these may Gods originated from natural phenomena or animals or old dictators.

So we are at an interesting point in time of humanity: will we get rid of these strange already proven untrue ideas soon or will it take another 1000 years? In the end it does not matter: if we will not make it, some other sentient being on another planet will reach that stage. Which is an important notion: because… as in all evolutionary thinking: what will that other sentient being on another planet do for a next step if we don’t beat it first?

no organization -  It also explains why “atheist” do not organize in political parties or groups that search for power to influence the brains of more people in a certain society. It is because they are on the right evolutionary path: there is no need for them to “organize”. You only “organize” e.g. in a religion when you want to impose power and want to deviate from natural next steps. There would be no need for a “religion” if every human would naturally follow the right steps. But the tens of thousands of religions who all believe totally completely different things today  try to organize themselves in groups to gain power over other people in reality and “bend” them to illogical ways of thinking or in other words: deviate from understanding the systems and structure behind reality completely.

The atheist stream is the river that flows to the sea. Any of the tens of thousands of dams in between that let some of the water flow to the right or the left will prevent the water from flowing to the sea. But… as we know… it may take thousand of more years but in the end … water will reach the sea. Therefore atheists seldom “organize”. They are on the natural path to the sea. No need to organize in a large constitution or influence other water drops to flow to the right or the left: just follow nature. No need to “evangelize” or “kill” water…. just follow the flow. This is also why Atheist seem to be so happy inside: they are in complete natural flow in what  nature has in petto for them. “they get it” or “they are in line with nature and natural evolution”. No need to kill or evangelize other water drops. No need to organize.

structure and systems -  We are at a stage that we not only understand planetary processes (“sahara sand lifts off and land in the Amazon with rain to provide fertilizar”), the teeny weeny little processes  (“quantum parts make up the smallest group of essential particles that make up everything including mass”), the largest processes (“the suns, from 2 atoms produced all the other atoms like the atoms we exist off”) but also “our” processes because we, as indicated above in the picture, are part of reality. We understand the bits and pieces of our body and we understand our behavior: when will we do what in what context. There is no room anymore for anything “magic” and even more strongly stated: “magic things have been proven wrong during the past 2000 years”. Everything you see around you currently, including the computer on which you read this, is a result of the natural flow we are going through, not something “totally not understandably mysterious all powerful weird thing”.  We are now on the verge of understanding the structure and systems behind the things we previously found “complex” and therefore provided simplistic world views on reality.  Reality is complex to understand. There is no “simple” being X and well.. end of story, go te sleep, reality is simple just read 1 book. No. There are hundreds of thousands of layers behind each question which have to be answered. So to those of you who still “believe (something)” : embrace complexity and follow the natural evolutionary flow for humans. Dare to ask the right questions and ask ALL questions. And then dare to ask the follow-up questions. Enough answers out there, lets get there before something else out there does.

why is atheism no religion ? All Atheists do is try to understand reality based on philosophy and science. They do not need to add “midgets, wonders, gods, giants, santa claus” and so on. These ideas were studies for hundreds of years and not so lang ago even the last “proof of something that we may never understand”  has been disproven. There is no room anymore for anything else if you would read everything out there we currently know. Which is also the reason why most scientists are atheist: they actually do read a lot of things out there we currently know. And it is also the way to go to become an atheist: just ask more questions and read more of the knowledge out there and things happen naturally. No one else needed but yourself. And after a certain point even if someone would come by to convince you that Santa Claus does really exist… you would KNOW that this is nonsense. Just because you have read enough and asked the right amount of questions. It would then by your job to show that other person the way to KNOW that Santa Claus does really not exist. For instance… create a blog post….

One fundamental difference is that religions ask you to repeat things. You have to say the same lines of simple texts hundreds of times, you have to perform the same ritual over and over again, like a robot. Barely anyone dares to ask why 1 time is not enough. Within Atheism 1 time is enough. You are only encouraged to ask questions and not to repeat that you will serve an organization over and over again and repeat the same texts over and over again until your mind goes crazy. Atheism lets your mind and knowledge grow and lets you understand MORE about reality instead of repeating simple lines over and over again.


another way to look at it  – Another way to look at it from a Science Fiction point of view is the following which poses the questions if humans on earth will be the first to reach this stage or some other competitive being on another planet. Just because we exist it means we are still in the race.


Stemwijzer Humanistische Alliantie

Ik ben al weer een tijdje lid van het humanistisch verbond. Vandaag zag ik een mail langskomen met daarin een vrij fraai uitgewerkte politieke stemwijzer.


Interesting. Je kunt dan op een van van de standpunten doorklikken (die zich dan uitvouwt) en meer standpunten zien.

Als je op een van de standpunten klikt krijg je weer iets meer diepgang.

Ik vond vooral ook de rode kruisjes interessant. Of ik het nou zelf met alle standpunten van de Humanistische Alliantie eens ben is een 2e vraag. Ik ben het met punt 15.2 bijvoorbeeld pertinent oneens. Ik zal er later eens in detail een blogpostje aan wagen.

Grappig: De enige twee partijen die claimen zich te baseren op de joods-christelijke en humanistische traditie scoren zeer slecht op de humanistische politieke meetlat. De meest humanistische partijen zijn GroenLinks en D66.

The Fuck You Mentality


I watched some more K-Rina and in the video below and I thought of the "Fuck You" mentality

I like it :) 

What she did is pretty much have critical stuff to say about religion and in this case Islam, she received more death threats than in the last 6 months…. and her response is basically "fuck you" instead of hiding away like this religion is used to.

I have been thinking over these things the last years. How can we cure people from having thoughts about the world as if it were a magical fairy tale? Apparently just bringing "proofs" and 2500 years of accumulated sciences only works with a select amount of persons. These people are so convinced that uhm .. whatever fairy tale story is true that they don’t realize they are repeating the same message over and over again out of one fixed source versus science, the contribution of hundreds of thousands of people during hundreds of years in acquiring more knowledge. A totally different model. And of course if you logically think about it, the scientific "community route" will win in the end. Unfortunately we still live in an age where a thing called "religion" is still present. In many years our great great grandchildren will see this as something that was only there for a moment in time and have no idea what the big thing was about it.

Each time either Christianity or Islam is threatened some war starts or something smaller that comes close to a war. It’s the way a cult works. Repeating over and over again the same message, hiding away people from other opinions and basically A LOT of violence against other cults. So the last time Christianity was really threatened, during the Spanish Civil War when atheists united on the left front for a free state, The pope joined forces with the right to basically "kill them all", directly followed by their alliance with Fascist Europe. (Franco’s support for Hitler). Very simple to follow that route. The right Fascists and Christians on the one side and the left and atheists on the other side. (Of course they had to because their priests got murdered). In the united states nowadays you see the same: how Fascism so very easily grows out of Christianity. It basically boils down to: do no not think (science) but just believe and follow your leader (whoever) and do not say "fuck you" because then you will be killed. A small percentage of a group goes extremer as always and presto you have fascism as we see in Islam and Christianity.

On this moment Christianity is not really threatened. We have more or less a bunch of scientific based groups and well.. these have been there for the past 2000 years… They write books, make some youtube videos and well…. there is no real large movement for a state free of religion. The problem now is, IF we follow a route to have a state free of religion it will, historically based, lead to a direct reaction from the religious forces which will undoubtly lead to violence. Maybe not directly planned but let’s say that if a movement is 100 people then 1 nutcase will be present. If it is 100.000 people then 1000 nutcases will be present. If the nutcases of either movement go fight each other they will drag the rest with it.

So I’m thinking about the best route to take. Let’s call it the "best non violence way to have a human civilization 2.0", a lot of thinking… opposite of simply "fuck you" and that is why I like it. It’s refreshing.


Origin of Stupidity

I found a new hero :) http://www.youtube.com/user/ZOMGitsCriss (subscribed!)

Religious people still don’t understand that religion, magic and other nonsense is totally incompatible with schools.

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing fundamental questions (such as mysticism, myth, or the arts) by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument.

In schools we try to teach the fruits of 2500 years of accumulated knowledge based on facts. We try to prepare them for a career in accumulating and creating more knowledge later in universities.

This whole fuzzy grown-too-big cult of brainwashers must be kept as far as possible from our youth. We must not confuse them with all kinds of ancient magical pre-historic sacrifice based nonsense.

One of the things I think religious people fail to understand is that "science" is like open source programming… it is not one person with an idea and *plerk* we write it down and it stays fixed for 2.500 years… It are hundreds of thousands of people all adding little pieces, writing papers, finding bugs, finding improvements during thousands of years. You can not point to 1 person e.g. "Darwin" from one specific science. You have then to look at hundreds of thousands of persons in thousands of sciences all contributing to our accumulated knowledge base. There is no single person who writes "a book" and that is it. It is someone who writes a book but then 100 years follow with hundreds of thousands of articles and books either improving, discarding or supporting theories and expanding it in a large hierarchy of expanded knowledge. You can not take one individual out of it with a specific book at a specific moment and then let this single person represent … science… that is so stupid I can not even believe people do this.

I watched some more videos of her, I like it :)

Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence (backup)

I make here a backup of  Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence so, that in case it ever disappears, that I have a backup copy here. If you want to read it go the url above, that is the one that is being updated this copy is only for myself.

I copied it because this list is so important. I can pinpoint to the numbers in the list while discussing things related to this on the Internet to somehow make clear that some reasoning is even without the context of the topic not correct.

So the list is even usable on no religion related topics but really in all discussions, just replace “God” with the topic that is at hand.

Here it is :

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