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Bitcasa experiences day II

imageSo… I signed up with Bitcasa, the infinite drive, where you can store an unlimited amount of files for $99 a year. Some more experiences.


I read a lot of complaints currently on the support forum of BitCasa, my upload speed varies from  about 8Mb per second to 40 kbytes/s (The speed at start might be because at the start it just buffers to the BitCasa buffer so that is a local copy…).  This was after I upgraded to the new client ( I thought that it would auto update the client but apparently it does not.  I can understand that because possibly the update mechanism only updates new clients not the old beta clients. So if you are running the old client you will have manually download and install the after-beta version.

8mb: probably buffering to bitcasa cache
48 kbytes/s: the real deal

I’m not particular worried about speed. On this moment I’m just offloading backups to BitCasa which I start on one laptop and then leave it running until it is finished.

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