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101 Tools to Convert Video, Music, Images, PDF and More

imageA long, long, long time ago there was no need to convert any file to another file. We all were in our closed little home computing units. Unfortunately during the years we have ended with different computer systems, different image, video and photo formats, so all to often I need to convert from one format to the other. Just today I wanted to save a YouTube video (new flv format) and store in as an .avi. It took me some time to discover my converting software tools.

I now found a list that I’m going to bookmark since it has a huge amount of converting tools and basically…all my favorite tools are on it. The Cogniview blog went through the huge effort of actually creating a list of over 100 converting tools with some very good annotations. You can quickly read what the Web site or software is about before you click to investigate further.

The megatools section lists ZAMZAR, SUPER and 4 other tools I am going to try, these are essentials. The mediatools lists the complete conversion set: from RA to MP3 and from WAV to MIDI. The Video sections lists mplayer but a lot of converts I have never heard of, like Handbrake, I am going to check this one out. The Image Converter sections lists a lot of cool tools, this is going to cost me quite some hours.

The list continues with conversion software for documents: PDF, Word processing, Excel, PowerPoint, etcetera. Then there is a section on International standards: conversion tools, Web sites and software on measurements, currency, clothing sizes and times. The web development section is more than interesting. Like the tip on gmail: just e-mail the file as attachment to yourself and then view it in gmail as html…brilliant! I also discovered the XML Converter which apparently converts data from MySQL databases to XML documents, hmmm… interesting tool!

The list finishes off with mobile tools converters, like ring tone converters and mobile services for conversion.

This lists is superb, I think we can, again, spend quite some days investigating the software and sites mentioned here, the long list of comments mention some other additions. This one needs to be in your bookmarks.